How to connect iPhone 7 to WiFi?

Need help connecting the WiFi to your iPhone 7? This article will guide you on a step-by-step manner on How to connect iPhone 7 to WiFi.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone 7 Screen. Search for the Settings icon ( Like the one you see on the below image )
How to connect iPhone 7 to Wifi

Step 2: Beneath Settings, you will find the option that reads WiFi. Tap on it to Turn it ON

How to connect iPhone 7 to Wifi

Step 3: Once the WiFi is Turned ON, you will notice a list of available WiFi routers displayed. These are the WiFi routers in your vicinity that are currently providing internet connectivity. We would need to connect to one of them.

How to connect iPhone 7 to Wifi

Step 4: Choose the WiFi router you’re willing to connect to by Tapping on that option.

How to connect iPhone 7 to Wifi

Step 5: Usually any Wifi router is Password Protected. You would need to provide the respective password to connect. Once you have keyed in the correct password, Tap on Join present on the Top / Bottom right of your iPhone 7 screen.

How to connect iPhone 7 to Wifi

Once you’ve tapped Join, you can see that your iPhone 7 is connected to the WiFi Router and the internet can be accessed.

We hope the above article was of help and you learnt How to connect iPhone 7 to Wifi. In case you have any questions and would like to get it answered, please mention it in the comments section below.


* iPhone 7 not connecting to WiFi. What should I do?

If your iPhone 7 is not connecting to WiFi, there can be multiple possibilities for it to happen ( despite following the above mentioned conventional method ). Here are a few basic troubleshooting steps you may want to check on.

  1. Make sure your WIFi router is functioning. At times, routers may need to be turned off and back to refresh and receive proper signal.
  2. Do check if your WiFi router bill is paid. The router restricts access to the internet if otherwise.
  3. Keep your iPhone 7 in router’s range. If the router is considerably far from the location of your iPhone 7, it may not get the WiFi signal.
  4. Doubly check if the password you provided for the WiFi router is correct. This is an often rookie mistake.
  5. Restart your iPhone 7 and try to connect again.

If none of the above seem to be the problem, it’s advisable to run a check up on your iPhone 7 in a near by Apple service center.

How do I tackle a gray out on my iPhone 7?

So your WiFi symbol has become light grey in color refusing you to any related operations. This is usually a rare case that may occur if you have not upgraded your iOS version. In an another scenarios, if your iOS has been recently upgraded and you still find your iPhone 7’s WiFi grayed out, reach for Settings on your home screen and choose General. Once you’re in General, look for Reset. And then click on Reset Network Settings.

Opting to do this will basically erase all memory of your previous WiFi connections from your iPhone 7 and let you connect fresh after an automatic reboot.

Can I connect my iPhone 7 to WiFi when in Flight mode?

Of course not. Turning the flight mode on will disable all signal transmissions that include blocking your calls, blue tooth and also WiFi. This applies to any phone with a Flight mode option for that matter.

Can I access previously saved WiFi passwords on my iPhone 7?

Negative. Any iPhone does not let you access previously saved passwords solely for your own benefits. Because if your iPhone 7 happens to get lost and be found by someone else, access to your passwords is not something you’d be even vaguely okay with. In any case, there are number of apps you can download to save, retrieve or back up your discreet data. Some of them are
1. 1password.
2. Dashlane.
3. Roboform.
4. Keychain and etc.

Make a thorough review on any app you may want to download before you actually do. This will help you choose the right app for your requirements on your iPhone 7.

Why is the WiFi speed low on my iPhone 7?

Well, most Telecom companies keep a cap on the amount of data in GB. The internet speed will be fast until you finish that quota. Once the provided amount is used up, the internet speed is automatically declined. The slow internet runs till the end of that particular month and then stops completely till the next top-up is done.

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