How to Buy and Sell verified Funko Pops with Whatnot app?

The Ycombinator 2020 graduate startup Whatnot was started with the idea of fighting counterfeits in the collectibles space. Let’s understand how to Buy and Sell verified Funko pops with Whatnot app?

Opinion:  Whatnot aims to be the authentic marketplace that has a huge list of verified Funko pops and other collectibles (to be included soon). There are other places to buy collectibles but Whatnot solely focuses on Funko pop collectibles for now. Whatnot claims that they have expert verifiers who have a deep understanding of what’s authentic and what’s not. In our opinion, we felt that the concept was praiseworthy, but the app experience was poor as it was taking longer to load each section.

What is Funko Pop?

Funko Pops are limited edition vinyl figurines that are based on some of the popular movies/comic book characters. Funko Pops have been in existence 1998, manufactured by Funko. Depending on the rarity and popularity, the resale value of these Funko Pops could fetch upwards of $2000 and above per Pop.

Since each of these figurines have serial numbers and certain characteristics, when someone wants to put up one of these figurines for sale, they would have to first send it to Whatnot to get verified by the experts.  Whatnot’s experts would do a thorough analysis of the collectible before listing it up for sale. As a buyer, you also have the option to put out a Buy request mentioning the amount you would pay for a collectible based on its conditions.

On the Whatnot Marketplace, anyone can choose to purchase the product directly on the platform. Once a user buys it, the product is then shipped to the customer with a genuineness certificate. If you have a collectible, you can choose to set a price for it or set the recommended price for the product.

How to buy a Funko pop on the Whatnot marketplace?

Step 1: Download the Whatnot app for Android here and the iOS app here

Step 2: Create an account. By default, you will land on the store section of the app.

How to Buy and Sell verified funko pops with Whatnot app?

Step 3: You will see that different sections based on Fandoms, events, etc are categorically shown in the store. Pick one that interests you.

Step 4: For example, let me choose the Rick & Morty Funko Pop category. The app would show all the Funko pops under that. Browse through them.

Step 5: Pick a Funko pop that you like and Tap on the image to know more.

Step 6: The product page would have the option to ‘Buy’ and ‘Request for Offers’.

  • Buy‘ option lists all the available verified sellers with the condition and the price for the item.

How to buy/sell funko pops on Whatnot app?

  • The ‘Offers‘ option allows you to request for offers at a price set by you. If a seller is interested, they can reach out to you.

How to Buy and Sell verified funko pops with Whatnot app?

Step 7: If you are fine with the price, then tap on ‘Buy’.

Step 8: The cost of shipping and the Authentication fee (Charged for verification of the collectible) will be added to the final price before you make the purchase.

How to Buy and Sell verified funko pops with Whatnot app?

Step 9: Once purchased, the item would be shipped to you directly.

The Whatnot app also has a feature known as the ‘Drop’ that gives away collectibles every week. To enter you will have to share the week’s Drop promo page on your social network to get a chance to win the sweepstakes style give away.

How to Buy and Sell verified funko pops with Whatnot app?

Have any questions related to the app? Do let us know in the comments below 🙂

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