How To Add Intents in

This article will elaborate on How to add Intents inside the API.AI Dashboard.

Step 1: Open the website to see the home page. You simply need to either sign up (if you have not already done that) or simply Login with your credentials if you have registered already.

How To Add Intents in

Step 2: Now, you have logged in to the website. On the very top left side you can see various tabs. On the top most we have tab of “Intents“. When you click on it you can see all the intents that have been fed inside already. 

How To Add Intents in

To search for any intent, you can find a SEARCH bar on the top. Just type the name of the intent and you can go to your intent.

Step 3: How to add new Intent? When you click on the tab that reads ‘Intents’ you have a Blue colored button on the right > Click on that. You will be directed to the page where you can append your own created intents. 

How To Add Intents in

Note: An Intent has 3 parts: The Name of the Intent, The Question a user may ask, The Response your Bot should give. The beauty here is: You can added more than 1 way the same question can be asked ie. “Name”, “Your Name”, “What is Your Name” etc.  &  also provide more than 1 type of answer ie. “James”, “People call me James”, “James is the name” etc.

Input a name and save the name by clicking on the blue ‘SAVE’ button on the side.

Type your probable question under the tab where it says “User Says”. So instead of the Add user expression, add your intended questions and press enter after each question.

Then to type the answers for the questions you have to scroll down and get to this tab.



Here, you see the Response Tab. Type your answers under the Text Response tab. You can also delete your particular answer by clicking on the delete icon. You can also click on the Facebook Messenger tab and you can get all these appended on your messenger directly.

You can add as many questions as you want for a particular intent. The questions need not follow any particular grammatical path or should be correct according to the Oxford dictionary. The questions can even be phrases, or complete or framed in any way. We need to input all kind of questions in order to be prepared for all type of queries running down our bot messenger.

Step 4: When you are done with your set of questions and answers just save the intent and you can always edit it later by searching it and clicking on it.

This is a short and sweet process for adding intents to your API.AI Dashboard. Let’s see what is actually an intent and how do we add questions and answers to it.

What is a Bot? 

Bot is a net robot that works on our automated queries and answers us with solutions via. text or voice. We all have either Android or iPhone’s. When in doubt or simply like to chat we often turn on the assistant bot that comes handy with our phones i.e. Siri or Google’s Allo. This has almost become the need of the hour. Our businesses are expanding and our work load is escalating specially if we have just established our foot in the market. We need resources to focus more on company’s technical background rather than giving 24/7 customer support. Why not, just feed in the questions and answers that are frequently asked and let the answers be prompted by a bot with detailed explanations rather than typing them every now and then.

This is what is the simple need and use of bot!!

But Bots are not that easy to use as well. So, when we install a bot development software, along with it comes so many more things that we need to know. How will we know what questions to add, how many to add, how to frame them?

Well, the best solution to solve this mystery is to just “be in the shoes” of the user. What would you ask the bot assistant if you were the user? This solves so many problems at one go. Append as many questions as you can with the simplest of expressions even like: Hey!, Hello!, Name?, Do you have a name?, Any name? and so on.

Why do I need to input every possible question?

Yes, we need to. There can be any way that the user frames the question. Bot is surely helping us out, but it doesn’t work like human brain. Note!! hence, if the question is not in the list that we have served it, it may return an error message. So, we need to ensure that all possibilities of a single question are fed into it.

Do the answers vary?

So, for a single intent we have to input numerous ways a question can be put up, but for the same intent we can have 2-3 answers. Because answers won’t change for a single intention. Just the way a answer is put up makes it interesting.

What type of Questions should I add?

Yes, the variety of questions put up differs from business to business needs. Some common questions regarding the normal introduction,personal life of bot, weather or anything can be common for all. What differs is when a customer asks questions about your business. We have probable questions that customer tend to frequently put up, we have to just feed the answers and make it an easy go for the customer even when you are not present. Customer will always feel contended with the services and won’t question the authenticity.

This makes our work easy and diluted. It leads to free flow of the work inside the work environment. So, grow with bots, because that’s what the need is calling!!

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