How does Tinder Social work? How to create one?

We have a number of dating apps today. When the concept was launched by Tinder, it raised buzzes everywhere. Since, its launch many apps have come in and people have been divided lately. Just recently, Tinder launched its new feature “Tinder Social”. Lets see How Tinder Social works.

What is Tinder Social?

Tinder has always meant to connect people and make them socialize. Tinder not only means to get people for dating or for any other hookups but it has also proved to connect people from similar wavelengths to become friends later.

So, Tinder has this new feature, “Tinder Social” to form groups and connect with other groups. When groups can plan out various activities together. With over 11 million people, one on one match is a matter of past. To out-stand its own procedures now we have Group Meet overs.

Getting to know more about it, let’s see how it works:

How does it work?

You can swipe in from an individual user to a group user anytime.

Step 1: Unlock the feature. Once you login to app you can have the option to either go for individual use of app or use it as Tinder Social.

How does Tinder Social work


Step 2Create your Tinder Social group. So, you have to make a group looking into the factor that they have also unlocked the feature and add them to form a group. After you form the group, you need to put up a status so that people know what are your plans and they can match up with you.

How does Tinder Social work


Step 3: Once, you match up with some group who plan to do the same thing that evening, then YAY! you get a MATCH!!

How does Tinder Social work

Step 4: Start Chatting and share details. This has to be done within 24 hours as the match dissolves within that time frame.

How does Tinder Social work

Some insights about using this feature:

  1. You have to unlock this feature, if you want to use it. Does not automatically display!
  2. The group should have at least 2 members and maximum they can have 4 members.
  3. Swiping right from any one of the members from the group will do. That means, when one group needs to swipe right to another one, any one member can swipe it and if accepted the groups will have a Match!!
  4. After making the group chats happen, the conversations once made on the chat box will be vanished until next day afternoon.
  5. If any of your group member feels that he/she doesn’t want to be in the group lately then they can leave anytime.
  6. The admin or the one who created the group can also leave the group, but once he does the group will be automatically dissolved.
  7. After the meeting, if any individual from both the groups found a connection with each other, they can probably swipe right on Tinder to each other’s individual account. (In case the numbers were not exchanged)
  8. You can anytime logout of the group and click on UNMATCH, if you feel that was not the right match you were looking for.

This feature has been doing great and even if you had found the one for your vacancy in relationship status, you can still download Tinder and as a couple search on Tinder more people who are willing to follow activities like you do!!

So, Tinder can never fall out of business even if the world finds all the love birds in right place!! 😀

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