How does Spothero work?

Parking smart is our way out of the monotonous routines we have been following for getting into troubles because of the ‘on the spot’ parking issues. To our rescue, we have an amazing app to solve our biggest problem to find a parking spot. In this post lets take a look at how does Spothero work.

Spothero is one of the best apps to get our parking spot needs to sort out. Here we will guide you for how to use the app step by step to ensure your experience to be an easy one. 

Step1: Search for Spothero app on the app store/play store and click on download. Once downloaded, fill up your major details and sign in. Get account details and email confirmation for the same.

Step2: When you look at the main page you will find a search bar to input your location where you wish to book a parking spot. On the same page, you can edit the details for the time slot that you plan to book. It will show you the start time and end time and after your manual input, it will show you the total duration you have booked it for.

How does Spothero work?

Step 3: After inputting your location, very easily you could locate the parking spots in nearby areas. You can compare and book the best available spots according to the location that is closest to your destination or the cheapest one in the area to save on few bucks or if you prefer to be highly possessive of your vehicle then opt for the most popular one as per your convenience and choice.

Step 4: When you make the selection for a particular spot that you found to be apt according to your needs you can simply click on RESERVE SPOT and book the same. Apart from the locality Spothero also provides us with various other details about the spot which can be easily accessed when you are about to book a spot.

How does Spothero work?

Step 5: Once you reserve your spot, you will immediately get your pass after the payment. You have the option of extending the time of your pass limit on the same page. You will have all the details about your booking and you get the directions to your spot too. You can simply scan the barcode at the entrance and departure and enjoy your version of quick and easy parking spot booking.

How does Spothero work?

Sometimes these steps aren’t enough to suffice our doubts, so if you still face any issues while operating the app please comment below and we will be glad to help you out.

Hope you learnt How does Spothero work. Also you can find here the best parking app in your city.

Please do let us know of any questions in the comments section below 🙂


Where can I get Spothero Promo code 2017?

All the Spothero Promo code we had for 2017 is used by users. We will get the next batch of Spothero Promo code 2017 in a couple of days. Please subscribe to our newsletter and we will mail the Spothero promo code 2017 to you once we get it.

Why is the default time frame set to 3 hours? Can’t I change it?

Yes, it has set the default time frame for 3 hours, but you can anytime change the time slot as per your needs. There are green search bubbles that let you know about the price for your entire stay.

How do I cancel the bookings and get my refunds?

You can go to your reservations that you wish to edit and change the booking details. If you wish to cancel you can go to your particular booking and call their customer support to report the details that you wish to cancel before your booking session begins. You will be refunded the amount within 3-4 working days.

Can I extend my reservation time?

Yes, unlike other apps you can extend your reservation time while still in session and until the inventory is still available. It’s an added feature in this app.

Do I need to enter and exit at the same time as shown on the pass?

No, it is not necessary. For the comfort of the customers, they understand that getting on exact time is sometimes not possible, so after the time has begun you can enter at any time and exit before the departure time. If you tend to extend your parking spot time you need to pay additional charges.

Is the parking spot guaranteed?

Oh yes, Spothero always ensures that you have a definite parking spot for the booking that you have made. In rare cases of issues, you can always reach out to them on 312-566-7768 and they will guide your way out.

It is one of the best apps to book a parking spot in busiest of streets in affordable prices with discount offers always available.

How does Spothero work in Peak Hours?

We will keep this section updated on any surge pricing during peak hours.

How to use Spothero coupon code?

Have the Spothero coupon code for 2017 ready > Open the app > Once you are about to pay for the parking you will see a field that reads “Promo Code” > Enter your Spot hero Coupon code 2017 there and click ‘Apply’.

Where can I get a Spothero clone script app?

The folks at Smart Car tech have a good Spothero clone script app. You can get it HERE

How does Spothero work in India, UK, Australia and Canada?

How does Spothero work offline?

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