How does Sonoma Work?

Sonoma is a project tested by Microsoft, working on the same deal as Slack, but way different than that. This app helps people who work outside the normal office hours. People like waiters, workers in shifts who do not operate during normal office hours, they need this app in order to keep track of their shifts or to maintain their schedules.

Let’s get deep into the app:

  1. Go to your PlayStore or App Store for your respective Android or IPhone. Once you get to the store, type “Microsoft Staff Hub”. You will find this app, click on it, download and get going with your work.
    On the home screen you will see 3 tabs: My Shifts, Requests and Messages.
    how-to-use-sonoma-app1So, if you click on “Your Shifts” tab, you can see all the shifts that you have under your name. You will be prompted about your next shift.  You can keep a value added check on that.
  2. You can request for changes in the already set schedule. Go on the tab–> My Schedules and request for a change.
    There are 2 options available under this category: Swap or Offer. So, you can view other people’s shift options and using “SWAP” option, you can swap for anyone else’s shift by requesting.
    Secondly, you can offer your shift for someone else too.
    how-to-use-sonoma-app2By quoting the reasons, you can send the request. On approval of your request from the manager’s side as well from the one with whom you are swapping, you can get your desired shift time.
  3. You can also choose to message your co workers using the chat options. In this way you are more connected to your team and people at workplace. You can solve issues and gather information anywhere anytime.
  4. The app is not only refrained to this but also offers to send/receive files. You can see all the options under “File” tab to get access to all your files.
    how-to-use-sonoma-app4So, with all the transfer of files you can easily view what has been shared and the file is of what type!

Project Sonoma:

Developed by Microsoft, for employees so that they can keep a track of their shifts and schedule their work accordingly, Project Sonoma is something new in the app industry. The website is non-responsive for now. They are also in their testing phases and have involved few companies initially to test out the app. Taking up feedback and working on them is currently the situation for Project Sonoma.
They have come up with the app, Microsoft Staff Hub, and are getting it tested. Since its launch, people have been comparing it with the Slack App but according to its makers it is way different than Slack.


What are the additional features?

Apart from having access to file sharing and swapping shifts, you can also get time off from your shift in case needed. So, when you need to take time off from your shift, you can request for the same.

How do we get started with the app?

When you have downloaded once, all you need to do is sign in with your company’s Microsoft Account.
sonoma sign inEnter the credentials you use for your company’s login. Once you sign in you will be able to access all the features in Staff Hub.

How to sign out?

You can easily sign out, there is a menu tab present on the left most corner, you can click on that and go to the last option “SIGN OUT”. That will log you out from your account.
sonoma sign out

There are certain reasons already added, how can I add my own?

Well, yes adding your own reason in the already existing list is quite easy.

Once you login, you will see a tab TEAM. Click on the tab and go for REQUESTS under it.

sonoma requests

Here, as we see we have so many already available reasons mentioned. But there might be a possibility that your reason is different than these. So, just go to the option: Add Custom Option and SAVE it.
Once you click on this option, you can add your own reason. Like this :

sonoma requests1

Even if you feel like deleting your reason, you can simply hover over the reason and DELETE it.

sonoma requests2

Just like this you will be able to see. Once you are done, you can click on SEND REQUEST and you are done.

Once I have sent a request, How can I check its status?

Follow some simple steps here and get going while checking your status:

  1. Login to the app.
  2. Again, navigate to the Request tab
  3. If you will be having a pending request, you can view it under “In Progress” tab.
    sonoma requests5
    4. If you want to check that your request has been opened and seen or not. You can click on the request that is pending. You will able to see if it has been seen, and if yes then by who all?
    sonoma requests4
    5. If your request has been APPROVED. You can see that under the tab “DONE”.

How does Shift Offer and Shift Swap work?

Shift Offer and Shift Work can work easily. Let us go through the steps on how these features will work:

Shift offer:

  1. Go to your downloaded app and login to access the features.
  2. Then click on the Requests Tab.
  3. Under that click on Offer Shift tab.
    sonoma shift
  4. Once you do that, you can make a selection of the shift that you want to offer.
    sonoma shift1
  5. Once you make the selection, then choose the team member, whom you want to offer this shift.
    sonoma shift2
  6. Once done with this, you can site a reason. The request is first approved by the co worker to whom you are making the offer, once approved, the request is passed on to the manager. If approved, you can make the shift happen. But if your co-worker denies it won’t be forwarded.

Shift Swap

  1. Open the app and login
  2. Again, under the Requests tab, go to the Shift Swap option
  3. Choose any of the options to Approve or Deny the request. This will reflect in your schedule.


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