How does Silvercar work?

The rental business is on the upscale and entrepreneurs are coming up with out of the box ideas, to succeed in the market. Till about a few months back, renting cars was just for convenience and luxury came secondary. Now the latest trend is to move about in style and experience luxury even if its just for a day or two. This gap is filled in by certain luxury rentals and one of them is Silvercar. In this post we take a look at How does Silvercar work.

Silvercar’s fleet comprises of the most wanted luxury car in the market – The Audi A4, in silver color.

1: Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “Silvercar” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on Silvercar app.
3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
5: Once the app is installed, Tap on the Open button.

How does Silvercar work?

Once the app is installed on your phone you need to sign up for the application using the various options that are shown on the app page. Enter details like your Name, Age, Gender, Address, Email Id etc. Please note: Silvercar does not guarantee availability for a reservation made within 2 hours of your desired pick-up time. First time renters, will undergo a mandatory driving license and credit card check. You must be 22 years or older, and the name on the credit card must be yours! Debit cards are not accepted currently.

How does Silvercar work?

Creating a reservation is one of the easiest tasks. Start your booking by first selecting the location to where you want the car to be picked up from.

How does Silvercar work?

Next choose the dates and times to when you require the car, to check if there are cars available for your reservation request.

How does Silvercar work?

So now your booking is confirmed and you can pick up the car for the selected dates and times. Silvercar keeps your credit card information stored so your payments are directly deducted with you having to take an additional step. Payment is done after your trip is completed and the car is collected back.

As your trip time is coming to end or 2 hours prior to your drop off you will receive and notification about your drop off with other details such as drop off instructions, drop off directions, timing, location etc. Therefore you never have to miss out on any of the details and neither be late, to drop off your ride.

How does Silvercar work?

By agreeing to all the terms and conditions on the app, you can now go ahead and access your Audi A4 for the stipulated period of time. You can gain access to the car assigned to you by using your mobile device itself. All you have to do is just “swipe up” on the Terms and Conditions page and unlock your car. This is a unique way of unlocking the car assigned to you which primarily focuses on safety and security. Only the user on whose name the car has been registered can unlock the car.

How does Silvercar work?

After your trip ends, your payment receipt will be automatically sent to your concerned email id and you can also view the details on the app too. You can view the entire breakdown of your bill and see the different components or heads under which you are charged. The company provides complete transparency with regards to this factor.

How does Silvercar work?

That’s pretty much all about How does Silvercar work. Do post your queries and other thoughts regarding the app in the comments section below.

Silvercar review

Silvercar is a car rental experience that provides a new edge to the rental market. The app is designed with the concept of providing hassle free commuting experience with luxury. Silvercar delivers a fast, friction-less, consistent experience, featuring a single, premium car model every time — the Audi A4.

Use your smartphone to sign up, reserve and unlock your car. Get on the road without delay. With customer friendly features like easy drop-off and instant e-receipts the app is streamlined to perfection. There are no lines, no counters, no hiccups and the company’s experienced concierges are always nearby to assist as needed.


– Where can I get a Silvercar clone script?

The folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’ have an amazing Silvercar clone script with Mobile apps. You can get it HERE

– What is the minimum driver age?

Silvercar drivers must be at-least 22 years old (18 years old in New York with a $75 a day surcharge) by the time of their rental. Silvercar will validate the driver’s license of all customers on their first rental. This is a one time procedure which you will not have to complete on subsequent rentals unless your driver’s license has expired or changed (i.e. name change, issuing state, etc.).

– Which are the different Silvercar locations where its available and accessible?

Silvercar locations are the following: Austin, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas, Love Field, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Miami – South Beach, Newark, NYC – Brooklyn, NYC – Brooklyn Downtn, NYC – Manhattan, Phoenix, San Francisco.

– How does Silvercar work when extending my Rental?

Extend your rental by opening the app on your mobile device; Go to Reservations, then find your Active or Upcoming booking and select “modify reservation”. Your reservation will be modified and your total charges will be updated to reflect any changes to the cost of you reservation. Modifications are subject to availability.

– How Many Miles are Included with the Rental?

Your Silvercar rental includes unlimited miles at no extra charge.

– What’s the policy on smoking and on having pets in a Silvercar?

Smoking is a strict NO in Silvercar. A $300 cleaning fee will be assessed, if there are smoking odors, of any kind, or related debris in the car’s interior upon return.

Any pets aboard a Silvercar vehicle must travel in an airline-approved pet carrier at all times. Designated service animals accompanying customers with disabilities are not subject to the pets policy.

– Where can I get Silvercar promo code 2017 and discount coupons?

All the Silvercar promo code 2017 we had is used up. We are awaiting the next set of Silvercar promo code for 2017. Please subscribe to our newsletter on the Top right, so we can immediately inform you upon receiving the coupons.

A silvercar referral program is also there:

  • As a first time renter, you get $50 off your first rental of 2 days or longer. (FOR FIRST TIME)
  • You can also earn $25 if you refer a friend. (FOR REPEAT)

– How does Silvercar work in Australia, UK, India and Canada?

– How does Silvercar work when offline?

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