How does Google Meet work?

A few days back, Google launched its latest video conferencing application to compete against the likes of Skype and others in the segment. This new app is known as Meet By Google Hangouts. The app is designed to support HD quality video conferencing. This is one of the latest ventures from Google’s business  line of products known as G Suite.Lets take a look at how does Google Meet work.

Despite the fact that it is listed on the G Suite site, the app is live on the iTunes store but is yet to feature on the Playstore. Nevertheless the web client is active. The web page is pretty similar to that of Hangouts, but without the options to place a phone call or initiate a text chat. To join a particular meeting or a conference, you haveto enter a “meeting code” which will be generated by the person who initiates a conference. Every meeting will have a unique code. You can schedule these meetings in advance itself to avoid the last minute conundrums.

How does Google Meet work?

Meet is segmented to be a sole business purpose entity. The focus is to make business conversations more friendly. It is a business friendly alternative to Google Hangouts, which is more a consumer based application.

Meet offers group video calls and does not limit the number of participants like that on Hangouts. The app can support high definition video conferences for a max of 30 people at a time!

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Understanding The Application

The addition of this new application is touch of class, as it focuses on making business communications easier even on the go. The application includes dial-in numbers for members who are traveling, links you can join with just a click, and integration with Gmail and Calendar for G Suite users.

The main page of the application shows you all of the schedule meetings for the day along with the other necessary details like Location, Time, Topic etc. To join a conference tap on the green colored “Join” button from your smart phones. It is necessary to have a stable data/Wifi connection at all times. Not to mention the need of a smart phone with a front camera! Tapping on the “Join” button will launch the new external video chat interface. You even have the options to “Mute” your call or “Switch Off” your video.

Dial-in numbers are available only to G Suite Enterprise Edition customers, this is a premium version. This seems to be the only disadvantage as of now.

Status and Branding

Google has not yet officially announced Meet’s launch. Although it did work on a team-friendly version of Hangouts back in September. However, the app didn’t have the Meet branding back then, nor was it publicly available as Meet is now.

Like stated earlier Meet’s mobile app is live on the iTunes App Store. which is after much speculation. Launched a few days back it has started its ranking in the U.S., at No. 1,177 in the Business category. Its highest rank as of now is in Ireland, at No. 375, classified under the same category.

One thing for sure is that with the arrival of Google Duo and now Google Meet, the future of Hangouts seems bleak. Google might even even consider dropping it from its suite, like it did earlier with Google+ Hangouts API.

Hope you got an idea on How does Google Meet work. Please do let us know of any quesitons you may have in the comments below.


How to download Google Meet for Android?

Google Meet for Android phones is yet to be launched. We will keep this section posted once its available in the Play store.

Where can I get a Google Meet clone script?

There is a good Google Meet clone being developed by the folks at Proven Logic. Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

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