How does Lyft work?

Lyft – A ride whenever you need one. As the company’s caption suggests, wherever and whenever you need a service, it’s available. So,  how does Lyft work? That is what we are gonna look into,

Let’s start with the process of downloading this app first.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store or App Store & search for “Lyft”

Step 2: Tap the Download button. ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).

Step 3: Your app will start downloading on to your phone. Once downloaded, press “Open” in the Play Store or return to your app drawer and open the app & you’ll see a screen like this:

How does Lyft work

Now, that we are all set, let’s see how Lyft works. Once you encounter the above screen on your device, the first thing is to create an account since this is the first time you are using the app. If you are not a first time user, select Sign Up.

Let’s do this configuration in a step by step process:

Step 1: After you press Sign Up, you will encounter this screen:

How does Lyft work

Step 2: Tap on Next to sign up using your E-Mail ID or your Facebook account ( This does not post anything on Facebook ).

Once you have entered the details, you will end up on this screen,

How does Lyft work

Step 3 : Enter your phone number in the space provided as per the information provided in the screen. There will be a confirmation SMS sent to your phone to check the validity of your number( You can also read through the terms and conditions of the app ). Once you’re done, press Next and it will take you to the next screen,

become a lyft driver

Step 4: Now, you are all set to do your first ride.  Lyft drivers need to know your exact location showing up on their app. So, you would need to switch on the GPS on your phone & it will pin point your exact location for pick-up.

Note: GPS being GPS, it does not work good indoors. So try not being in a building when using it.

become a lyft driver

Once you switch on your GPS ( which actually happens automatically in your phone ) & set your pickup location, i.e where you want to get picked up ( Ex: in the above image, the pickup location is UB City ), you’ll need to set the destination. Now press “Set Pickup” ( I’ve set the destination as the International Airport )

become a lyft driver

Step 5: Once done, tap on ‘Request Lyft‘. You’re almost there ( Presuming you would need your own car. Lyft also has car pooling options which we will look in to in the FAQ section later )

How do you Pay for Lyft?

This again differs from country to country. In some countries you dont have direct cash payments to drivers. In some countries you can pay using cash. The easiest way to pay is by tagging your credit card to the app at the time of registration. After each trip, you will be notified of the charge & Lyft will automatically deduct the amount from your credit card

become a lyft driver

You can also Pay via. PayPal credits. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll get a confirmation SMS and the fare amount will be debited from your account. Once the ride is complete, you can rate the driver as per your convenience.


* How much does Lyft cost in general?

The prices vary from city to city. This is true for all the cab/ride services. For example, a ride in New York would be a little more expensive than that in Tulsa, Okhlahoma. The cost split up is done in a very systematic way and allows the customer to know on what basis he/she is being charged. For example, Lyft in Pittsburgh charges the following:

Base Charge Cost per minute Cost per mile Trust & Safety Fee
Lyft $1.35 $0.27 $1.13 $1.50
Lyft Plus $2.02 $0.40 $1.69 $1.50


* Is Lyft cheaper than Uber?

Both Uber and Lyft have economy class cars as well as high end luxury cars which are cheap and expensive respectively. But, on a comparative basis, both Lyft and Uber services cost pretty much the same. The preference changes to Lyft during peak hours because of 2 reasons:

– In busy cities UBER cars are not easily available during peak hours ( UBER should be adding more cars as we read )

– When surge pricing happens, the surge pricing done by Lyft is many X lower than the UBER surge pricing ( sometimes the surge pricing may go up un-believably high )

* Is driving for Lyft better than for UBER?

According to few former employees, during the interview process, Uber’s interview process was for an average of 20-25 minutes while the same at Lyft extended to 50 minutes to an hour. This so happened because of the intricate details Lyft focuses on rather than Uber.

Also Uber maintained a very professional relation with it’s workers which was good. But on the other hand, Lyft was like their friend- giving gifts and bonuses when a milestone was reached and no harsh warnings like how Uber gives. Also for some reason, off-late drivers seem to cheer more for Lyft than UBER and this seem to become more of a cult.  All in all, the experience of working for Lyft seems much more pleasant than Uber!

* What are the Lyft driver requirements?

A Lyft driver has to have a valid driver’s license which is the first and foremost thing. The driver should have a car with 4 door handles and an additional 5 seat-belts. The car should be insured with all the right documentation and should have a clean record. The License Plate has to be displayed properly and should be legit. The driver should not have any previous criminal record and should not be undergoing any medication for a serious health issues. The specifications for the car can vary from state to state and the minimum age requirement to drive in certain states could be different and completely under the discretion of Lyft to hire a person or not.

* Why is Lyft called a pink mustache car? What’s the story behind it?

The Co-Founder of Lyft has a very good reason as to why the pink mustache was used in front of the cars that operated for Lyft.  The general idea behind his thinking was that pink represents something strong and also the at same time is gentle and is affectionate. He said, “We originally thought of doing this just for women, as a safety kind of service and a very particular clientele. It’s partially because of that”.

* How can we do car Pooling in Lyft?

So the common question everyone has is: How does Lyft work with car pools? Well, Lyft does a brilliant job with car pooling -or- ride sharing. Upon requesting a ride, you get to choose if the ride is shared, or you would need your own car. If you choose to go the ride sharing way, the algorithm firing the app finds people who all have requested for the ride share option & plots a shortest route. Then it shows the driver the different pickup locations of each passenger. The drop off locations are presented to the driver along the route on either first come first serve basis -or- if the drop off location is on the way for the passengers.

In my personal experience, when I scheduled a ride share on Lyft in San Jose, I was joined by 2 other passengers. Since I was the one to book the ride first, I was dropped off first. But on another scenarios when I booked a ride share in Times Square, New York – a lady with her kid shared the ride with me. In this scenario the lady was dropped off first ( though she boarded after me, as my destination was far beyond her drop of location )

All-in-All, dont go for Ride share if you are in a hurry 🙂

* How does Lyft work with scheduled rides?

Lyft works perfectly for scheduled rides. When requesting a ride, you can schedule your pick up anytime within 24 hours & it works like a charm.

* What is lyft phone number?

* How can I get lyft support?

* How to get lyft promo codes?

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