How does happn work?

In a line: Happn is a happening dating app that lets you know instantly who you have crossed paths with. From there you can like them and start chatting. Next time you see a hot girl near you in a coffee shop, there are chances that Happn can get you two connected. Sweet! Lets learn how to use Happn app & how does Happn work.

Step 1: Download the happn App directly from the happn website via.  App Store / Google Play in your mobile phone or Download from the Windows Phone Store. The app is FREE.
Step 2: Once downloaded Tap on Install button. The installation of the app may take some time depending upon the speed of your internet.
Step 3: When the application is installed: Open up the application.

How does Happn work?

Step 4: Happn app works only with Facebook login. So you will need to authenticate it with your Facebook profile which may take few seconds. ( All your profile details will be synchronized with the happn app installed on your mobile phone )

How does Happn work?

Now, How does Happn work?

Happen is a hyper location based app. Based on the preferences you have set, the app keeps watching for profiles that have crossed you closely in your proximity. The moment someone has come close enough to you, it intimates you and the opposite party about each other. The first step is to LIKE the person the app shows. And if the other person also likes you, you both get connected and can start chatting with each other. There is also a feature to nudge a user into checking you out. Its called CHARM. Once you LIKE someone, you get an option to send a CHARM.

Step 5: The moment you login successfully to the happn application, you can see with whom you’ve crossed paths with. Tap on “Like” for the person you want to connect to and if they find it suitable they will respond back. You can also see who all sent you the charms. Their name, age along with their profile image will be displayed in the Notifications bar.

How do I temporarily pause Happn app?

If in case you wish to pause the application, there’s an option below that reads “Pause happn for 8 Hours” and after doing so, your profile will not be accessible to those crossing your path for the next 8 hours.

How does Happn work?

Step 6: Tap on the Hamburger icon on the top left of the screen to open the settings tab where you can set your preferences, invite friends to join etc.

Bow to use Happn app?
Lets look at each of the options in detail:
Home: Tapping on Home and it will take you to the home screen of the happn app.

Display Name: Tapping on your display name navigates you to another screen where you can set your profile image, update your “Work & Studies” information, or share something about yourself. You can also sync your Instagram pictures with your profile or Sign In and synchronize your latest musical preferences.

Preferences: Tap on Preferences and edit the information you want ( like setting up the gender option etc. ). You may also set your preferred age limit for the people you are willing to consider by adjusting the sliders or even toggle to set whether you wish to receive the push Notifications for “Charms”, “Crushes” or “Messages”. If you are a registered member on Instagram or Spotify, you can log in with your respective credentials.

Check other tab buttons below:Go to Home” to navigate to the happn Home screen. Similarly tapping on the “Deleted Users” will display those whom you declined and you will not be able to cross paths with them again. Tap on the “Need Help?” button, if you need more options like “Deactivate My Account”, “Tutorial”, “Contact Us”, “Terms And Conditions”, or “See FAQ”. Select the “Log Out” option in case you wish to log out from the application and use it later.

Invite Friends: Tap on it and you can “Share your link” via Facebook or Twitter or even Email or Message the link to your friends. You earn happn credit points for every accepted invitation.

Step 8: Return to Happn Home Screen: Tap on the Home option and you can refresh the list of people whom you have crossed the paths with by pulling the page down and “Release to Reload”.

Step 9: Checking Your First Prospect: The happn app displays some potential matches basedon the certain parameters.

How does Happn work?

Step 10: Like or Pass: Browse through various profiles and select the one(s) you want to connect with. Tap on the specific profile to see their details and you can find detailed information about them and also check their Instagram photos or Spotify details, if they have uploaded.

Step 11: If you wish to connect with the potential prospect, tap on the LIKE icon or the red heart shaped icon to send them a charm and if you are not impressed with the profile, just tap on the X icon, which is a delete icon and the user will not be notified. Tapping on the X icon means that you will not be able to cross the path with them ever again. If both sides tap on the LIKE icon or accept each other’s charm, the happn match will happen.

Step 12: Get Connected: As soon as you get connected with your prospect, you will see the in-built chat function in the app below. Tap on it and there you are. You are now ready to exchange messages with your crush.

TIP: Make sure your first message has to be strong enough so that the other prospect feels like startingthe conversation with you.

Hope you learnt hows does Happn work on connecting people based on location. Please do let us know of any questions you may have on the comments section below.


What is the concept of this app?
It’s a location based dating application. Every time you cross path with someone on happn and whose preferences are also same as yours, you may see their profiles on the timeline. Even if you have crossed paths with people more than once, you can see them and all the prospects visible on your timeline are within the range of 250 m (850 ft) from you, whether you have seen them around or not.
When you cross paths with someone you like, three things happen:
1. You can “LIKE” them and they will realize only if it’s mutual.
2. You can send aCharm” to show your interest in connecting with them. They will receive a notification and this would cost you 1 credit.
3. If there is a liking from both sides, it means that there is a “Crush” and you two can begin your conversation with each other.

Who can see my profile?
You will be able to see their profiles that you have crossed paths with and who share the same preferences based on the gender and age set in your preferences settings in the app.

What does the “Active” status mean on someone else’s profile?
The “Active” status means that the other person just logged in to the app and used it too.

What does the “Available” status mean on someone else’s profile?
When you cross paths with someone who shares what they feel like doing, you see the “Available” sticker on their profile. The sticker is visible for 6 hours and you can reply to that person during that time by sending a notification and a message but it will be visible to the other person only if you have a crush on them.

My app is not showing anyone crossing paths with me. How does Happn work?
Make sure you check for the following issues:
– The latest and updated version of the app
– Re-check your preferences under “My Preferences
– If you have entered the correct age.
– Your geo-location is enabled.
– If still nothing works, please restart your application and your phone as well.How does Happn work?

What if I had a crush but I can now no longer see the person in my conversations list?
The chances are that your crush may have deleted or deactivated his/her account or may have blocked you.

How to use Happn to look for someone ?
To be visible on the timeline, the person whom you are looking for must be registered on the happn app, must have nearly the same preferences as you and you must have crossed the paths with each other. To find someone on happn, your timings and location will have to be approximate. Hope this answered your question on How to use Happn to find someone.

How can I unblock a person whom I declined or blocked previously?
You can see the list of blocked or declined users. Go to the “Users Declined / Blocked” tab in “My Preferences” and from there you can unblock the prospect or accept their invite.

Why don’t I match my preferences with all the profiles that I cross the path with?
Please check that your preferences and your age are set correctly under the “My Preferences” tab. Once done, the next profiles that will appear there will match your preferences.

What is the difference between a “Like” and a “Charm”?
Like” is a secret action! If the liking is mutual, i.e., from both sides only then you can see the “Like”. Sending a “Charm” to someone is a notification and that you are inviting the other person to connect and it’s up to them to choose to accept your charm or choose not to respond it and simply ignore it. Sending a “charm” is not at all a secretive action and by doing so you are actually making your profile noticed.

Under what condition do the “Charm sent” turns back to “Charm” after some time?
If you experience this, it simply means that the “Charm” has been sent and received. If the other person doesn’t responds to the Charm sent by you, the app lets you send the new Charm after 24 hours.

How does Happn work when offline?

How does Happen work in India, Australia, Singapore & UK?

How does Happen work on fast moving vehicles?

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