How does GrabTaxi work?

Hiring a taxi in South-East Asia that is reliable and safe can be an excruciating task at times. From being overcharged to witnessing on board crimes on hire, passengers in these parts of the world have seen it all.

With a vision to drive South-East Asia forward by improving lives, safety and accessibility, GrabTaxi has been the most preferred service across the region. For reasons pretty much known, its customer engagement and service has been relentlessly smooth by creating a positive impact right from the start. Launched back in 2011 by founders Tan Hooi Ling and Anthony Tan, the company has been giving stiff competition to its competitors with its un-matchable service and quality experience.

GrabTaxi is just one of the services provided by the Grab App. The company also offers services like;

– GrabCar: This service allows you to ride in a private car and pay a fixed fare that is agreed upfront.
– GrabBike: Hire a bike and simply get around the city in the quickest way possible.
– GrabExpress: Send your parcels and documents with a delivery service you can trust.
– GrabHitch: This service enables you to carpool with other members in the carpool community.

The company focuses on 2 major aspects: one is making sure that drivers are subjected to making more money on their platform and the other most important being the safety of passengers. On an average a driver who is active on the platform has every opportunity to increase his income from 30 to 300 %. Mr Anthony Tan, CEO of Grab explains by saying that, “By helping them make more money, they become more loyal to the platform, and they help give better customer experience to the passenger.”

At the same time, GrabTaxi takes strict action against drivers who are subjected to complaints filed against them by the passengers. So the drivers need to make sure that they present their best self while on duty and not behave in ways that could risk a ban. The focus on having only drivers who have been rated and passed by customers on GrabTaxi’s platform also relates to safety.

The other measures to ensure security include GrabTaxi’s ‘Share your Ride’ tool, which enables passengers to share their ride info through social media or other messaging apps with friends and family. Users can also track the location of their taxi drivers, and their loved ones on a taxi via the app. Taxi drivers also have their contact numbers imported onto the app, so you can call them anytime whilst on the journey.

With over two million downloads on mobile devices to date, there is a taxi booking which is made through the platform every two seconds across the region. Also more than 450,000 people avail the GrabTaxi service at least once a month, according to reports.

The app functions by using your phone’s GPS services to track your pick up location and estimate the time of arrival of your driver. Also you have the option to enter your drop location as well thereby the app gives you estimate figure of your travel cost as well. This feature is quite important as it lets you know in prior as to how much your trip would cost ,thus it helps you to manage your finances as well.

When a general survey was conducted, the drivers were raving about the app. The drivers state that compared to native operators, GrabTaxi’s location-tracking helps the customers to connect closely with the driver. Also, the respective driver’s contact numbers are displayed on the app. You can even monitor their movement via the app.

So How Does GrabTaxi Work?

Booking a taxi involves a simple 4 step procedure;

  • Book In Just 2 Taps – Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations to get your estimated fare.
  • Get A Driver – The nearest driver will be assigned to drive you to your drop-off location.
  • Track Your Driver – Know your driver’s location along with his contact information and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Arrival Safety – Share your trip details on the go, across all your preferred social media platforms for added safety or to even let your loved ones know that you’re on your way.

What Makes GrabTaxi Special?

  • Flexible Payment Options – You can choose to pay the fare for your ride using either the cash mode or the cashless mode of payment according to your convenience.
  • Approved and Legal – With Licensing from LTA ( Land Transport Authority ) all rides are safe, legal and insured.
  • More Taxis, Less Wait Time – The highest chance of getting a taxi coupled with a shorter waiting time when booking through Grab.

How grabtaxi works

What Are The Taxi Options Available?

GrabTaxi offers 2 Taxi options to suit your needs.

  • Standard Taxi – For customers who values economic gains and efficiency.
  • Limo Taxi – For customers who values comfort and luxury.

Grab has a fleet of other operations as well who have partnered for the same cause. The list of taxi operators under this partnership are;

  • Comfort / Citycab.
  • Premier.
  • Prime.
  • SMRT.
  • TransCab.
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