How Does Goodlord Work?

Goodlord is the latest startup to join the booming real estate business. In this post we’ll go through a detailed analysis on How Does Goodlord Work and what are the other things that you need to know.

The better way to transact property.“- This is how Goodlord defines itself in short. Goodlord is a cloud-based platform, that is looking to transform the way business deals are done.

Goodlord is that one platform that brings together a host of agencies, landlords and tenants online using their exclusive software and process the paperwork of tenancy transactions electronically to minimize cost, effort and time. Scanning and filing contract details are now a thing of the past.

How Does Goodlord Work?

Goodlord’s vision is a paperless, swift process that allows tenants to sign a property right away. Repetitive processes and complex systems slows down the work rate and costs more money.

Goodlord’s Software-as-a-Service is designed to support all stakeholders, including traditional high-street letting agents, as well as landlords and, of course, tenants. The Goodlord SaaS enables letting agents to “digitize” the moving-in process, including utilizing e-signatures and collecting rental payments online. In addition to landlord insurance, new services are being introduced, such as rental guarantees, and “tenant passports.”

So, How Does Goodlord Work?

– Signing Up

The company does not have a mobile application and therefore the entire process happens online via the web browser. The steps or rather the procedures are very simple.

  • Log on to the Goodlord website.
  • Click on the “Getting Started” tab, found on the top of the page.
  • Click on “Start” to register your account.

How Does Goodlord Work?

– Second Step – The OnBoarding Stage

The fascinating thing about Goodlord is that, the company values every single customer of theirs, be it you are an Agent, a Tenant, a Guarantor or even a Landlord. All the hard work of filling up applications and going through the other hassles of getting things approved are taken care of by the company. All the company needs is your approval to go forward with the procedures.

How does Goodlord work

– Third Step – The Introduction

The Introductory stage is where the company puts you in touch with one of their executives who will guide you through the entire process of getting through. The executive will first explain to you all about the company and the different services that the company offers. Thereon you can choose a service that serves your purpose the best and carry on the business.

How does Goodlord work

– Fourth Step

Once your account is validated, you will receive a call from the executive stating that your account is now ready to carry forth operations. The company takes a very keen interest to update and mentor you on the various features and options that are available on the system. This gives you a head start and makes you familiar with the process that’s involved in the due course of the work.

How does Goodlord work

– Fifth Step

This is a just a page where you need to fill in your contact details for the company representatives to get in touch with you. Fill in details like –

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Phone Number
  • Email

The first half of this section is all about your personal details. The second half of the section is where you need to enter in details with regards to the service that you require. Fill this form up and click on submit.

Now wait for the representative / executive to get in touch with you!

How does Goodlord work

The concept of “tenant passports” is a unique stigma that the company had brought forth. So with this so called “passport“,moving from one rental property to another isn’t a big worry anymore. With everything being digital and on the cloud a tenant can easily pull out their rental transaction history and other landlord references with them as proof that they are a trustworthy tenant.

As it stands, Goodlord is currently available only in the UK and it provides a white-label platform for almost 355 odd estate agencies nationwide, both online and traditional letting agents. These include some relatively big names in the real estate market like Sothebys, Strutt & Parker, Life Residential and RE/MAX, as well as much smaller independents.

So this is mostly all about How Does Goodlord Work. Hope you have learnt much; do share your thoughts and any other related queries with us in the comments section below.

Happy Renting!

Company Profile

Headquarters: London, England

Description: Goodlord is a cloud-based platform that transforms the way deals are done.

Founders: Tom Mundy, Philip Mundy, Richard White

Categories: Document Management, Software, Property Management



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