How Does Facebook Stories Work

In this post we’ll take a quick look as to How Does Facebook Stories Work & How to use Facebook Stories.

The term “Stories” is the hottest word in the market. Why? Because it is on every other Social Networking Platform. What started off as a unique feature just on Snapchat, now has spread like a wildfire across all platforms. Facebook earlier had introduced this concept first on Instagram, then on Whatsapp and now on Facebook itself!

Facebook definitely wants to focus on the market and eliminate every other competitor in the same segment. Thereby we predict the road ahead for the likes of Snapchat to be winding and excruciating. Since we are all used to the concept of stories via Snapchat and Instagram, learning How Does Facebook Stories Work isn’t a big deal.

How does Facebook Stories Work?

So to introduce you to concept of Facebook Stories, it is a feature that allows you to upload a picture or a series of pictures onto this segment, from your mobile phones. These pictures disappear after a time period of 24 hours. This can be found on the top of the Facebook mobile app. The Company  earlier confirmed that they have rolled out its first version to users in Chile, Greece and Vietnam. Although it did state that the feature is not available to users in all markets.

A trial version of this feature was first tested among users in Ireland in the month of January this year. With the primary focus on being able to embed this feature into Facebook’s main mobile services, it solely wants to capture the entire market share and wipe out Snapchat out of the equation.

So How Does Facebook Stories Work?

How does Facebook Stories work?

Watch Facebook Stories

Once you get the roll out of Facebook Stories, you’ll see a row of stories from your friends and others whom you follow on Facebook. Tap a story to watch the last 24 hrs of someone’s 10 second clips.

Fast Forward

Tap and hold to pause a story slideshow. Tap on the left side to rewind or swipe left to move to the next story.


You can’t “like” the slideshow or leave a public comment, instead you can send the person a private reply. This can be done by “swiping up” or tapping on the “Send Message” option.

Create A Facebook Story

Tap the “+” button on the top left corner of your app or swipe right from your feed to create a new facebook story.

Shoot Live or Upload From Camera Roll

You can shoot a photo or video live or upload anything from the last 24 hours of your gallery/camera roll.


Get creative and doodle over your stories with the various tools that are available on the app itself.

Add Emoji

Add emoji’s to your stories and tell another story to amuse your friends and followers.

Hide Option

You can hide your stories from specific people and keep your privacy. In general anybody who is your friend can view your stories. You can change all these using the settings option.


Facebook has reaped huge success with the launch of Instagram Stories and is looking to replicate the same with the parent app. What’s more fascinating is that Facebook has more users than all the other platforms combined and thereby is sure to reach more users on a global basis.

But then again the idea hasn’t been well accepted by members across with lot of them taking it to the social media to express their frustration.

“The next Snapchat killer? Facebook has started implementing stories on their app. IG stories took most of the users of Snapchat. – @neilenore (Twitter)

“Facebook stories are stupid. If I wanted to let random people I added in year 8 know what I’m up to, I would have just added them on snapchat – @mariamdiabyy (Twitter)

“you’ve got to be kidding, FACEBOOK STORIES ARE A THING NOW. kill me – @RuckerJordan  (Twitter)”

The focus of Instagram was mostly visual content and the outreach is mostly to a young generation, so there seems to be overlap with Snapchat and significant growth potential. That said, many people remain unconvinced that Facebook’s Snap-cloning in WhatsApp and Messenger is a positive addition. We’ll know more with the updates in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Hope you have learnt How Does Facebook Stories Work and How to use Facebook Stories.

Do share you views in the comments section below, about the introduction of Facebook Stories on the App.

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