How does Drop car work?

In this article, we try answering a frequently asked question. How does Drop car work?

Drop car is an app that lets you deal with your incessant parking problems. Drop car offers two Options for their parking needs. The first option allows anyone to avail of an instant valet parking option and is named “WILL” and the second plan is “STEVE” for people looking for garage options on a monthly basis. Let’s look into the details on How does Drop car works.

Step 1: On the app store, Type the name Drop Car and find this app: Drop Car- On-Demand Valet parking and Car Concierge. Tap on the Install button on the app page to download and install it on your Android/iPhone. 

Step 2: Once you have downloaded, Tap on the App icon from the home screen and you’ll be greeted by the Welcome screen. Upon starting up, the app would ask if you’re a new user or an existing one.

How does Drop car work?

Tap on I’m a New User then the app asks you to choose the area where you want to park if you choose the Request Valet option.

Step 3: Once you have chosen the Valet parking option, you have to choose from three options under it: On Arrival, Now or Schedule. You can choose any one option based on your needs: if you will make a choice only when you arrive then choose “On Arrival” if you want it immediately then Tap on “Now” and if you want to make a prior booking for any particular time and date then Tap on “Schedule“.

How does Drop car work?

Step 4:  When you log in, you will have to make a choice between Will or Steve? “Will” option works on hourly basis. If you need the valet parking option only for once or twice use, then go for it. It will charge you $15 per hour but “Steve” is the option available when you need your car to be stored in a particular place and then when you need it back they will bring it back to you.

How does Drop car work?

Step 5: Once you’ve made a decision, you move forward and find that your booking has been confirmed. One of the person is assigned to offer you valet parking services. So, supposedly in this example John has been confirmed to offer you valet parking services. You will be displayed if you chose “Will” or “Steve”. Not only the person is assigned to offer you services but you will be given details like when will he arrive, a security code for authentication and few services that can be availed. So, while you are waiting for your valet, you can tap for any extra services that you may need like: Car Wash, Gas, Extra mints or so on.

How does Drop car work?

Step 6: You can then simply, enjoy the car services that they have, to provide!!

How does Drop car work?


Drop Car:

It is an app built to provide, valet parking services to the customers. A lot of time is engaged and wasted by a person amidst work hours to search for a proper parking place. How do we get a parking place when we don’t really have much time for all that? Just use Drop Car app. They believe in the follow up policy: Don’t come to us, we will come to you! With some impeccable services, and offers, Drop Car is all set to break the trends. With two deals: WILL and STEVE, giving personal names, surely makes a connection with the customers. While WILL lets you book a valet parking spot instantly for single rides at $15 per hour, STEVE lets you make it a monthly inhibition at $349.

When you will request a booking, within few minutes you will find your valet parking assistance right beside you to take your car to a safer spot while you make it to your destination in a quicker way and with least amount of effort.


Which cities are covered?

For now, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island City have been covered.

What should I choose Will or Steve?

Well, both teams carry the similar objective. If you are a regular traveler to a particular destination like your office or any such place, and you also face regular parking issues then go for STEVE. With STEVE, you can get monthly package of booking your valet parking services. You have no worries to reach office on time and no more parking excuses.

If you have instant plans and you don’t really need someone to pick up your car for every now and then, then go for WILL. This option will be one time deal and you can make your parking simple!

Are there any offers going on?

When you download the app, first time users get first hour of “Will” service for free by using promo code : DROP15 and $15 off from “Steve’s” Monthly subscription.

What are the features we will get?

  • It is GPS enabled, so tracking your location wont be a problem.
  • So many additional services are provided like: Car wash, Gas fueling, free mints and many more.
  • No more wait for metered parking or street where it is safe to park.
  • Take care of your car. Maintenance services also provided: State Inspections, tire, oil change.
  • You can track your valet location anytime
  • Everything is FCRA verified.
  • Available for 24 hour support.
  • Airport pick up and drop off also available.
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