How does Bumble App Work? and help on how to use Bumble app.

Bumble App is here as the hottest Dating app keeping Tinder in the back seat and trending as one of the finest dating apps. It is here to make its mark but still many struggle on how actually to use it. Lets look at how does Bumble App work and how to use Bumble app for dating:

Step 1: Go to App Store/Play Store in your iPhone/Android and search for Bumble App.

Step 2: When you search for it, Click on the app and Install it on your phone.

Step 3: After installation is done, you can go to the app and OPEN it.

Step 4: Once you open the app, then begins the action to get yourself engaged with the app. So the first step involves of setting up your profile. For setting up the profile, the app will ask to automatically connect with Facebook. You have to accept the connection and all your information will be automatically set up with a picture.(There is no way to escape connection with Facebook.) The picture can be changed by you later. You have just 300 characters to define yourself and a maximum of 5 photos to display yourself.

Note: Nothing will be posted on Facebook from your side.

Step 5: After setting up your own profile, you can click on the Bumble sign and search for prospective matches. So, just like Tinder you will be able to see people from in and around your location.

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app

So, if we find a profile like this, it is up to us to make a selection. If you want to find more about a person, click on the grey bar telling the name and age. You will find all information.

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app

You can scroll through the number of pics uploaded by the person!

Step 6: When you can’t make a decision and feel like I should share his picture with my friends or family. Bumble app gives you an option of sending the pic by clicking on the “Send as a message” Button.

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app

You will get various options, you can send the picture via Bluetooth, email, hangouts, Whatsapp or share it via One-drive. You have the freedom to do all. This is a women-centric app. So, women can anytime make a match and only women can initiate the chat.

Step 7: When you as a woman user find that this is the perfect match for you, swipe right and you will get a Bumble sign, showing that you have shown interest in the person.

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app

When I matched Oliver, I swiped right and a bumble sign showed me that I have shown interest in him. When you feel you don’t like the person’s profile, you can simply swipe left and the next option will be shown to you.

Step 8: When you get the perfect match from both the sides, you can view it in your folio.

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app

The upper horizontal line shows the matches that you made and the vertical line shows if you initiate any conversation with the matches. You can check this by clicking on the message sign that appears yellow!

Step 9: A great feature in Bumble that is not present in Tinder is the act to back track. This is a paid feature in Tinder,but in Bumble you can back track your option if by any chance you just moved to the next option. All you need to do is shake your phone! Yes, an extremely fun feature to try! But Remember you have limited number of shake ups!

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app


Things you can try in this App:

  1. BFF Connection: It is not only a dating app, but greatly features the BFF connection! Moved new to the city? Broke up with old friends? Looking for some friends, then just get yourself linked to Bumble app and you will find your every need met up. Under BFF feature, you can connect to people who you think can be great friends in the city, connect with them and message them.
    how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app
    When its a match you will get a Boom! Match!
  2.  24 hour Screen: Yes, you have just 24 hours to begin a chat with the ones you have a match with but ALERT!! Only for girls. Well, yes with Bumble you have this unique feature with which only girls can take the first step and message the guy but have the screen open only for 24 hours.
    how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app
  3. Bumble Boost: The feature is present for the paid version of using Bumble App. With Bumble boost you get access to:
    – The beeline: You need not swipe in for matches, you will get to see the people who have already liked you.
    -Rematch: Supposedly, any of the connections that you matched with has been expired, then with this feature you can rematch.
    how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app
  4. Extended Connections: You will get to know who have shown interest in you if it has been extended by a woman. But only one within 24 hours. Not more than that.
    You also get a red circle , if any connection is getting expired. This happens when only an hour is left to initiate the chat.

how Bumble App works and how to use Bumble app

About the App:

Single? Looking for a genuine connection and not just any random hookup? Then this is the place for you. With Bumble app you are bound to swipe in for people who you feel are just the right ones. Well, to broke the bubble, This is one app for all women out there!! Only women can swipe in and swipe right and can initiate a conversation with a guy. This boosts the lady power and gives them an edge over the guys to make connections. We have always had the notion that girls don’t empower in a relation even in dating, so here is one good will chance for all of them.

With such a feature it revolves around having good and genuine connections. As, girls won’t just start conversation with anyone haywire. They will make a particular decision and then move on with it. This happens to make only right and soulful matches. Bumble is one stop for such dating realities and not just hookups.

Hope you got enough information on how does Bumble App work and how to use Bumble app. Incase of any questions, please post it in the comments section below.

What are some of the new features?

  • Well, if you feel that the match just received for you isn’t that perfect for you but perfect for your friend, then with the “Send to friend” option, you can simply send it to your friend and be the bigger person.
  • Bumble lets you know if you have matched for a connection outside your distance arena. You can have a look at the Beeline option if you want to see.
  • Export to Bumble boost and get all the experiences.


Bumble Vs Tinder. How is this different than Tinder?

In the context of Bumble Vs Tinder, It is definitely different than Tinder as it totally handles the power of dating and conversing over to the ladies. Here only a lady can initiate a conversation after having a match and that can make up for a date deal. If she doesn’t start the conversation the guy doesn’t really have any choice rather than waiting.

Apart from this, unlike Tinder , backtracking is not a paid option in Bumble. You can backtrack your option by just shaking the phone if you feel you have by mistake swiped left.

Hope you learnt how does Bumble App work and how to use Bumble app.

Can a guy never initiate a conversation?

Yes, a guy can very well initiate the conversation. If 24 hours have passed by without a message from the girl, then he has the power to extend those 24 hours with a single girl. And if he does that, it means he genuinely feels and wants to be linked with her because guys have this power only once a day.

What is exactly BFF feature?

With BFF feature, you can swipe to make friends!! This feature is valid for both the genders and anyone can hit to start the conversation. Within 24 hours,if none of them initiates the conversation it will be expired. This was introduced by Bumble in relation to the fact that it is much more than a dating app.

Is it a free app?

Yes! This is a free app. But for certain features that are locked behind the door, you need to pull the unlock chain by paying a meager amount. The premium version is called Bumble Boost.
$4.99 — 7 days

$9.99 — 30 days

$23.99 — 90 days

$35.99 — 180 days

So, if you need to inhale the Bumble boost features then pay the amount and get their subscription!!

How to use Bumble Dating app in India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai?

Currently Bumble Dating app is not available in India, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, New Zealand etc. But will be open soon. Meanwhile, there are ways to hack and change location in your mobile phone and install the app.

Hope you learnt how does Bumble App work and how to use Bumble app.

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