How does ClassPass App work?

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In this article lets take a look at how to use ClassPass app for your daily fitness needs.

Opinion: ClassPass is for sure a vital app for anybody who cares about their body and mental fitness. The most impressive thing is that it acts like a marketplace for Fitness centres. Via. the ClassPass App you get access to a plethora of Gyms, Yoga classes, Fitness classes in your location. Instead of paying and sticking to a single gym, ClassPass gives you the freedom to choose a new centre to workout everyday. Also if you are on the move, you get access to fitness centres where you travel ( Even globally ).

So, how does the ClassPass App work? The team behind this app have created strong and organised tie-ups with multiple workout stations in every major city globally. They are rapidly increasing their network s we write this article. So their users can get access to good fitness classes where they are on earth. Fitness vendors can enroll with ClassPass for free and use its platform to manage and run their business. Based on the fees for each activity, ClassPass charges its customers. Payouts are made every month to vendors.

Lets take a quick look at how to use ClassPass App:

Step 1: You can download the app on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once the App is on your mobile phone > Open it and you can signup via. email or Facebook. ( I would recommend signing up using Facebook, as the app has some cool social features in it that can be leveraged via. your contacts in Facebook )

How to use ClassPass App Signup

Step 2: Once you have verified using OTP, ClassPass offers a nice 1 month Free Trial. With a option to cancel your subscription anytime. You get 20 credits that you can use during your trial period( while choosing the Fitness schedules ). Once your credit expires you can easily top-up your credit by purchasing credit packs on the app.

Once you click ‘Continue’ on Free Trial screen, you are taken to the payments screen. Here you have the option to pay via. ApplePay/ Google Pay -or- using your Credit Card directly.

How to use ClassPass App Free How to use CLassPass App Pay

Step 3: Once you provide your Payment details, ClassPass verifies your Card by charging a minimal amount. If successful, the next-next screens gather your preferences. This is done to give you proper location based recommendations on fitness category, centres, timing etc.

Once you have selected your preferences, the next screen gets your current location.

How to use ClassPass App level How to use ClassPass App type

Step 4: On the next screen of the ClassPass app, you will be able to choose the location and type of activity/ venue you are looking for. Near the location text box is the option to filter your location spread radius. The screen shows a map view with pins of the venues and also a list of all the options below. This list is further divided into Classes and Partners.

The ‘Partners’ tab shows you a list of all the Fitness centres, Studious etc. that you can choose and further explore the classes and activities in the selected studio. The ‘Classes’ tab shows you the list of all the activities happening around you irrespective of the centres. All based on the preference you entered earlier. You can also see the community rating for each listing and how many people have made use of it. The class list also shows the time of the activity. You also get the option to choose a future date to explore and book. You can also easily filter through different types of studios, partners, activities by tapping on the respective tag ( massage, Facial, Sauna etc. ). Once you tap on the particular listing, it shows a detailed view of the selected item.

How to use ClassPass App location

Step 5: The detailed page shows all the details of the selected Fitness centre or Class. You can read reviews from previous customers, check out the pictures, rating, About etc. Beneath the screen os a blue ‘View Schedule’ button, tapping on which takes you to the screen that shows all the sessions and timing available for you to book. Tapping on a particular session opens a screen that gives full details of what you can expect in that session or activity. At the bottom of the screen shows the number of credit points that will be burnt upon choosing this. And the blue ‘Reserve’ button. Tapping in the button reserves you the slot and sends you a confirmation/ notification.

Once you have scheduled your activities, you can tap on the “Upcoming” icon in the bottom tray panel of the app to view them.

ClassPass App work Fitness Free ClassPass App work schedule How does ClassPass App work reserve


How to ClassPass App to book a free workout session?

How to unsubscribe from ClassPass App?

Its simple. Tap on your Profile link at the bottom tray of your app > Tap on the link that reads “Manage your plan” > In the “Manage your plan” screen, scroll down to find the link that reads “Cancel your membership or take a break”.

Once you choose this option, ClassPass app gives you a variety of options to not cancel. Infact they have the option to take a break for some months and then auto activate happens. Also in the last screen of this flow you get the option to choose “ClassPass Lite” instead. If you still want to cancel your subscription, you can navigate to the last screen in this flow and tap on “Cancel my membership”.

How does ClassPass App work Plan manageHow does ClassPass App work Cancel membership


ClassPass App work breakClassPass App Lite

How to watch Workouts videos and listen to Fitness Audio in ClassPass App?

The home screen or Dashboard of ClassPass App portrays the top categories based on your preference. Tapping on a any of the images or slides here leads you to the ‘Workouts’ screen. On this screen you have two options for Audio and Video. You can navigate to the respective tabs and either watch the workout videos or listen to workout audio.

ClassPass App workout ClassPass App workout videos

ClassPass App workout audioClassPass workout video

How does a Gym or Fitness studio sign-up with ClassPass?

Its pretty straight forward. You can enrol your business with ClassPass for free HERE. There is no commitment period. But to withdraw you need to give a 90 days notice. ClassPass app has integrations with many existing booking platforms you might already use as a business. ClassPass collects money from your customers as per your pricing and pays you every month.

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