How to block political ads on Facebook

In this article lets take a quick look at how to block political Ads on Facebook ( and Social Ads ). Lets get to business right away ( and discuss what this about later in the article ).

Ok, one way to easily block political and social advertisements on Facebook is to do it right on the Ad itself. When you see an Ad that you want to hide > click on the top right corner of the Ad and open the menu > and select HIDE AD.

Or you can also tap on ‘Why Am seeing this?‘ and understand how that particular Social or political advertiser has targeted you. And then you can decide to keep the Ad showing or Block it.

How to block Facebook Political Ads How to Hide Facebook Political Ads

Once you HIDE an Ad, Facebook automatically notes it down and will not show you any Ads from that Advertiser going forward. Also its algorithms will get to know that you are not interested in seeing political Ads or Social Ads.But however, political Ads & Social Ads from other advertisers may show up in your page. This entire category of Ads will stop showing slowly as you keep blocking more Ads from this category.

One other way to totally block any Ads from social and political category is to do it from your Ad Preferences. To do this, tap on the hamburger icon ( 3 lines ) on the bottom left of your facebook app. Scroll down and tap on the ‘Settings & Privacy‘ section. Tap on ‘Settings‘ link > Scroll down and tap on the ‘Manage Your Ad Preferences’ link in the Ads section.

How to block Facebook Social Ads

Here on this screen, you can see a lot many information that is used by facebook to understand your interests and target specific Ads to you. You can make changes here that will totally hide certain Ads from not showing to you.

  • Under the ‘Your interests‘ section, you will see the various interests tagged to you. It is based on all your activity on facebook. You can tap on a particular interest and remove it by tapping the (X) mark on the tile.
  • Under the ‘Advertisers & Businesses‘ section, you can see the list of Advertisers who have uploaded your detail ( email, contact number’ etc. to target you. You can remove those advertisers by tapping on the (X) mark on the respective tile.
  • Also take a look at the ‘Hide Ad Topics‘, ‘Ad Settings‘, ‘Your Information‘ tabs etc. and set your preferences accordingly so un-wanted political and social Ads dont show on your Facebook account.
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