Guide on how to use Uber App

Living in a metropolitan city requires the use of trustworthy cab services. One such popular service is Uber. Here is a detailed overview of how to use uber app.

The Steps from logging in to booking a ride–


1. Press Sign In, if you have an Uber account ( Register, if you do not have one )

Now, Assuming that you do not have an existing account in Uber,

2. You can either register using your Facebook or Google account, in case you have one.

If not, enter the basic regular details on the screen displayed.

You would need to add a Credit Card, for automatic & seamless billing after each ride gets complete ( You can also take a picture of your credit card via. the app & the details will be added automatically )

How to use Uber App add credit card

3. Press Next and you can start availing the service.

( Next time you want to open the app, just tap the app icon on your mobile & it will go directly to the below screen )

4. Tap the button that reads SET PICKUP LOCATION to choose the pickup location from where you would like to start your travel.


How to use uber app


5. Google Maps automatically detects your location. Press Next, if that is the chosen pick up location ( or you can also enter your location manually )

6. Choose the car type you would want for your ride – it can be UberX, Black Car, Rush, Taxi depending on the urgency, comfort & pricing ( Eg: The Black car will send you a bit more luxury limousine like a Lincoln )

7. As you choose one of them (Uber Taxi, for example), you will be asked for confirmation of location and the payment mode as per your preference.

how does uber work for drivers

8. Press Request UberX for the cab to arrive at your place

9. In case you have a promo code, press promo code option and avail discounts. Otherwise, you enter into the usual category of fare quote.

In the background UBER contacts all the drivers in the vicinity ( via. the special app UBER drivers have installed in their mobile phones ).

10. Once a driver accepts your ride, the following screen appears which shows all the required information: Estimated Time of Arrival ( ETA ), Minimum Fare, How many people can maximum sit, Base fare etc.

How to use uber app

You can also check the score of the driver, his picture & a little bit information about him, the type of car with a picture of the same, Car registration number etc.

If you are OK with it, you can proceed to the next step.

how does uber work for drivers

You can see the car arriving towards you on the map ( the car icon moves exactly as in real time ). Once the car reaches your pickup location, you will get a notification of the same. You also get to see the contact number of the driver by tapping on his profile & when you tap Contact Driver, you can speak to him as well.

11. As soon as the destination arrives, the app prompts you with the total fare incurred.  You can make the payment ( Different countries have different modes of payment. In a majority of the countries, the payment is taken automatically from the Credit card added in the account. In some countries direct cash payments to the drivers are allowed, Direct Paypal payments are also available )

How does uber work for drivers


12. After you press Submit, your ride closes and you get a digital receipt with all the information iterated.

You get the option to rate the driver. Rating is very important in UBER as the rides for the drivers increase or decrease based on passenger ratings. Similarly the driver also gets to vote for the passenger.

Note: The next time you login, you will be prompted to choose your previously visited location if cookies are enabled.

If you already have an account in Uber, the booking becomes simple as you need to follow the steps 8 to 16.

How to install it?

1. Go to Google Play Store -or- the Apple app store
2. Type Uber in the search bar
3. Choose the search result that shows Uber, as shown in the below image.

how to use uber app


4. Press Install so the app gets installed in your Mobile phone & appears as an icon on your home screen

On your mobile phone search for the installed UBER app icon & tap it to open.


* How does Uber work for drivers?

  1. As with the user app, in the Driver app every driver gets a separate login. He would need to register with UBER online and submit his car details with all required documentation & government certificates ( Use this link HERE ). Based on the country, UBER has restrictions on the types of car’s allowed and make etc. Once the driver gets approved by UBER, he can install the app & start using the service to provide rides to passengers.

how does uber work for drivers

UBER driver registration

  1. Driver’s receive alerts on the locations that are on high demand, so they can be present in those areas to get quick rides.

How does uber work for drivers

3. When there is a request for a ride, the drivers in the vicinity get a prompt on their app. The driver gets to see the complete details such as pick up location, number of people, name, phone number etc.

how does uber work for drivers

Note: The Driver has the flexibility to stay offline if he does not wanna take any rides. Only after he taps on the Go Online button, will he start getting ride requests.

How does uber work for drivers

4. The app automatically fixes the base fare and sets surge pricing if required as per the company policy.

Once the driver accepts the ride, he gets to see the passenger details & the pickup location. He can navigate on the maps and reach the passenger. He can also call the passenger if required to get some clarifications. Once the driver arrives and the passenger boards the car, he can click on START RIDE & he gets to see the Drop Destination.
how does uber work for drivers

5. Once the destination has arrived, the driver can End the trip by tapping on the respective button & rate the passenger. He also gets to see the fare ( that will be automatically detected from the passenger )

uber for drivers

Drivers can see the number of trips handled, number of hours online, earnings of previous trip and cumulative earnings of the day and much more under a single screen named Home.

Earnings can be seen in the next option at the bottom area. The earnings on daily basis and the offers available for drivers are also displayed.

How does uber work for drivers

As mentioned earlier, the Ratings feature is very important as the marketplace algorithm is highly dependent on the ratings. Tap  the Ratings Option at the bottom area of the screen.

how does uber work for drivers

The cumulative rating is highlighted as 4.91 and below that, you can see the number of trips made and the top reported issue from the user’s end.

10. The last option Account at the bottom is all about your personal information.

* What is Surge Pricing? How far can it get?

When the demand for taxi is higher than the drivers around your place, the pricing fixed multiplies. In other words, peak hours are usually the times when surge pricing happens where the price to be paid would go to twice or thrice the original charge.

* My UBER app is not accepting my Credit Card! What to do?

Check if you have already registered with the credit card. You can alternatively choose other payment options such as debit card and PayPal.

* Does UBER work the same in iPhone & Android? Is there a Windows phone version?

Yes, it is almost the same in iPhone and Android platforms. There is a version available for Windows Phone as well.

* How does split fare work ie. UBER pool?

Split fare permits the riders to get an equal fare thereby calculating the total number of persons and distance travelled by each one of them. It is indeed a fair pricing model that is set.

* How does the UBER events work?

All that you need to do is gift a ride to your guest by getting a guest pass for a date and time that you choose. It will generate a coupon code. Share the same with your special one. It could alternatively be used to gift for weddings, conferences, parties, etc.

* What is the customer care support number for UBER?

The customer care number of UBER is (415) 801-4068.

* Can I choose the exact car model I need in UBER?

You can always choose the car that you want from the list of vehicles you wish.

* Is internet always required for the UBER app to work?

Internet is required only at stages of booking and closing the deal.

* Is there a panic button in UBER?

Yes, there is a panic button in Uber in India. SOS button has to be pushed when you want the alarm to activate.

* What if the UBER Driver does not End the Trip even after I get down. Will I be charged more?

Maje sure that the driver ends the trip before you are about to get down. Still, you can always report to the customer care center to report your queries if you are charged high.

* When I travel to another country, can I use the same UBER account? Should I change the Credit Card attached in the UBER app?

Not required! While you are open to add any number of cards, make sure that the country you shift to supports the option.

* Will I be banned, if my Ratings are too low?

Yes, the system bans if the ratings are extremely low.

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