Google play store account setup, sign in & password recovery help

Just bought a new Android mobile phone? Wanna to load it with more games and apps? You got it 🙂

You need to create a Google Play store account first to rejoice! Its so simple, that it requires just a minute or two of your time…

Section 1: Google Play Store Account Setup (Using an existing account)

Follow the below mentioned steps, on setting up of a Google play store account,

Step 1: Scroll on the home screen to find the app by name “Play Store“.

Create play store account

Step 2: As you click on the Play Store, you will be prompted to add a Google Account ( As seen in the following screen, with two options )

Create play store account

Step 3: If you already have a Google account, it is simple and you should click ‘Existing‘.
Step 4: If you do not have a Google account, you need to click on ‘New‘ [ Please jump to Section 2 from here & follow the instructions there 🙂 ]

Assuming that you have a Google Account already:
Step 5. As the screen prompts ( as you have clicked Existing ), you need to sign in with your already existing Google username and password.

Create play store account

Step 6. After you type in your email id and password, you will notice the arrow at the bottom corner ( pointing towards the right) getting activated.
Step 7. Press the bottom right arrow now.
You are just few steps before adding a google play store account in your Android phone 🙂

Step 8. In case the password or email address you entered is wrong, you will be prompted to enter valid credentials ( like in the below image )

Create play store account

– If your credentials are right, you are good to go.
– If you do not remember the correct credentials, you need to use the password recovery option ( which will be discussed in section 3 of this article. You can jump there directly as well )

Now, Assuming that the credentials are right:

Step 9. You will see the below screen, as you press on the right bottom arrow,

Create play store account

You will see the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy that you would need to accept before you create play store account.

Step 10. Click OK & the following screen appears.

Google play store account

Step 11. If you want regular backup and restore of your data, tick the check-box for the same.
Step 12. Tick the check-box beneath: Communication
Step 13. Tap the arrow pointing to the right at the bottom right corner.
Step 14. Your Google Play store account is all set & Your Gmail account is loaded 🙂

Google play store account

Step 15. Now, go back to Play Store on your home screen ( by tapping on the Play Store icon )

You can see that your account is already logged in and you are ready to use the apps in the Play store.

Create play store account

Cool 🙂 You have successfully created a Google Play Store account and you can now check out any app and install it!

Section 2:  Create Play Store Account

( continuation of Step 2 from Section 1 )

Step 1. Click ‘New‘ & following screen appears,

Create play store account

Step 2. Type in your First name and Last name. For example, Daniel as the first name and Smith as the last name.
Step 3. The Username you choose is the prefix of the email address that ends with The sample account we are creating for this post is daniel.smith as Username. So the complete email address would be [email protected]

Step 4. Click Next
Step 5. If you would like your Google account to track your location, Tick the respective check boxes.

Create play store account

Step 6. Click Next

The following screen shows that your attempt to create a Google Account was successful 🙂

Create play store account

Step 7. Click the arrow at the bottom
Step 8. You will be directed to your gmail account. In our case it will be: [email protected] ( You can do this later )

Step 9. The cool thing is your Google Play store account will automatically get signed in as well. So, you dont need to Create play store account again 🙂

and Yes, as long as your Mobile is turned on, your Google Play sign in happens automatically.

Section 3: Google Password Recovery

Step 1. In case you have forgotten your password when you are in the process of creating a google play store account – dont panic. We can get it resolved 🙂

You might be in the following screen right now,

Google play account recovery

Step 2. Tap on the link at the bottom which reads:
Step 3. You will be given options to recover the forgotten password

Google play account recovery

Step 4. You are given two options in the Google Play Account Recovery screen, out of which you can choose the best one that suits you.
Step 5. If your Google account is already has a phone number stored, choose the first option.
If you have access to the recovery eMail id, choose the second option.

In our case, we chose the first option.
Step 6. You would be receiving a code from Google. Enter it.
As you enter the code, you will see the following screen:

Forgot google play password
Step 7. Now Click on Reset Password
Step 8. On the next screen you can reset your password by entering one your choice.

Forgot google play password

Step 9. After you type in the new password and confirm it as well, click on Reset Password and you are ready to go.

Section 4: How to update google play store?

Google regularly updates its Google Play Store with new features and fixes. You would need to update your Play Store app as well to be up-to-date. Follow the below steps to get your Google play store account updated:

Step 1. Go to Play Store by clicking on the Play store icon on your mobile phone screen.
Step 2. Tap the Ham-Burger icon on the top left & you should see the following screen:

Update google play store

Step 3. Click Settings
Step 4. Scroll down and you can see the version of the Play Store you have in your Mobile phone.

Update google play store

Step 5. Scroll down & Tap on Build version to update google play store.

In case there is a new version launched, you will be informed with a pop-up as seen below,

Update google play store

Step 6. Follow the last 3 steps
Step 7. Now see the Build Version again & if you see a higher version number, then your Google Play store is updated 🙂

You may also see the following screen, that attempt to update the google play store is successful.

Update google play store

Click OK and you are done!


* How do I check if my google play password works or not?
The easiest way is to: Open > Type the username with the password you know. If it says its wrong, then you should use the Google play account recovery options as mentioned in section 3.

* Google play store not downloading, what to do?
If your Google Play Store is not downloading, your internet connection is probably not turned on.
Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose the Wi-Fi connection -> Log in -> download Google Play Store
If you are using data connection,
Go to Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Enable data to be turned on -> download Google Play Store

* What is Google play contact number?
( we will answer this question. Just put the question and leave it )

* How to check if mine is latest version of play store?
Go to your Play Store -> Settings -> click on Build version -> Here you can check the version number

If you receive a Pop-up message saying that your Google Play Store in up-to-date ( as in section 4 ), then its the latest version of Play store.

* Sometimes apps not downloading from play store. What to do?
You should probably check for free space and internet connectivity.
To check space availability, go to Settings -> App manager -> choose unwanted applications -> Clear cache / Uninstall applications
& now you can download more apps 🙂

* I forgot my google play password. What to do?
Forgot google play password? Simply follow the step by step procedure as mentioned in Section 3 ( in the above article )

* How do I login to google play music?
Google Play Music Login is the same as Google Play Store.
Go to the app Google Play Music and Click Sign in
Enter your credentials
You are done!

* Googl3 play store cannot connect. What would be the reasons?
If your Googl3 play store cannot connect, the reason could be any of the following:
– Internet connectivity is poor
– Your Google Play app is not updated
– Your credentials during play store sign in were wrong

The above article has help for all the 3 issues

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