GM Previews Its Autonomous Tech Using Cadillac Prototypes In Israel

General Motors’ development center is carrying out trials in Israel using prototypes of Cadillac’s with high-level autonomous driving systems. The Ministry of Transport chief scientist Dr. Shay Soffer took part in one of these trials. Although the models of the brand are unknown, they are probably Cadillac’s luxury and field vehicles equipped with the new Super Cruise autonomous system unveiled by GM in the US several months ago.

The system, which is currently offered as a $5,000 option for a number of models of the brand in the US market, enables a vehicle to cruise without the driver’s intervention on high-speed roads, including overtaking, emergency braking, and moderate turns.

GM’s technologies being developed in Israel include connecting vehicles to next-generation communications (5G networks), wireless charging stations, advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, etc. The General Motors development center in Israel has 300 employees, most of them with advanced degrees, and the number will continue to grow.

GM Previews Its Autonomous Tech Using Cadillac Prototypes In Israel

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