How To Fix Freezing Problem in Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of those dilemma causing pieces of technology which although has generated a decent bit of revenue from sales, this model has had its reputation falling because of the various minor issues that it puts up. One of the most common issue faced by users is the Freezing of the phone. And it’s quite a complicated issue to deal with considering how annoying it can be at certain times. Knowing all of that, we decided to help you out with some really quick methods that you could do to resolve this issue.

There are a couple of ways you can fix this issue;

Firstly, Give it some time: In some cases, your device freezes due to a crashed application. If you were playing a game or working within an app when your device froze, wait a minute or two to see if the device itself recognizes the problem and allows you to close the app to resume normal operation. You usually receive a message stating the app crashed or stopped performing and must click a button to return to your phone’s home screen.

If that’s not an option; Our Second suggestion is to go ahead and reboot your device.

Here’s how you can reboot your phone!

Step 1: Press the “Power” button and hold it until your Samsung powers down.

Step 2: Press and hold the button again to power back up.

Step 3: If the freezing issue came on after installing a new application, that program may be conflicting with another application which is already on the device. Uninstall the latest app and see if the issue is still persisting.
Malware can also be another reason that causes freezing and operational issues, to fix this make sure you the latest version of an antivirus program installed on your phone.It will automatically scan your phone and report if there’s anything harmful on the phone.

Thirdly, Free Up Memory Space

Your Galaxy J7 offers a certain amount of memory available for data, in the form of installed memory and another in the form of a removable SD card. If these storage areas are full, your device could experience operational and processing problems that can lead to this issue.

To analyze and make necessary changes to the memory of the device,
Menu -> Settings -> Storage

Fourthly, Hard Reset!

If your Galaxy J7’s freezing problem continues, you may need to perform a hard reset, also known as a factory reset.

  1. Step1: From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon which can be found at the bottom right corner of the phone.
  2. Step2: Tap Settings.i21 with the symbol given on the next screen that appears
  3. Step3: Tap Backup and reset.
  4. Note: You must be logged in to a Google account to back up your apps. If necessary, tap Backup account, tap Add account, and then follow the prompts to log in to or create a Google account.
  5. If necessary, tap Backup my data to select the check box.
  6. Also if necessary, tap Backup account to select the check box.Fix Freezing Problem in Samsung Galaxy
  7. Step4: Tap the Back key and then tap Google.



– Is it time to change the Mobile phone once it starts freezing?

There are several reasons why your android phone may freeze. From uninstalling the app to simply restarting the phone, there are several simple solutions you can do on your own to get rid of the issue. And if your phone still freezes, do consider on having an expert’s opinion before choosing to change the phone. It is not really necessary to change the phone just because it has started freezing.

– I have a Samsung smartphone. It locks up very often and is often completely unreliable as a phone?

Do a factory reset and see if that fixes your issue. If not, contact your nearest service centre for further details.

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  • Denise Swafford (Swizzle)

    Think you guys missed the point. It is difficult, nah…impossible, to tap an icon on your screen if the screen is frozen. JMO…

    • Jan Nowlan

      I completely agree! As the screen is unresponsive to any tapping or resetting even in safe mode. geesh.

  • Naseeb Md. Irshadullah

    The first thing one might need to know about freezing solution is what to do when power button or screen is non-responsive. I faced this problem. Pressing Volume down key and power button simultaneously for 7 seconds will do force restart.

    • Sherrie59

      Thank you…….my phone just froze out of the blue and your guidance helped me to unfreeze the phone.

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        Wow this is the Best solution I have ever seen. Thank you so much. I was stuck with Blank screen for last one hour. This trick helped!