How to Fix Moto X Overheating Problem?

To resolve over heating problem in Moto X running on Android phone, do as follows

Step 1:  Swipe down on the Top of the screen ( You may want to do it twice, in case you have notifications showing up on the left side ) > Go to Settings settings icon > Battery > Check if any app is  consuming more power.

Over heating problem in Moto X Android Phone

Over heating issue in Moto X Mobile phone

Step 2: If any third-party app is causing the overheating problem, boot your phone. ( Press and hold Power key > long press Power off until the device starts rebooting. )

Step 3: In the ‘Reboot to safe mode‘ prompt > Click OK.

Fix Over heating problem in Moto X Android mobile Phone

Over heating problem in Moto X Android Phone

Step 4: For Factory reset,  open Settings >Tap on Backup and Reset > Click Factory Data Reset > Tap on Reset Phone.

Note: Before doing these steps, you would need to back up the data in your phone.

Fix heating problem in Moto X Android Phone

Step 5: To stop all the background apps, go to settings > Tap on Applications > Choose an app > disable auto sync.

Over heating problem in Moto X Android Phone


*Is there a quicker method to fix overheating?

Yes, there is an alternative. There are quite a number of reasons behind a phone getting overheated, it might be from poor management of the processor to runaway processes or lock screens. The simplest thing that you could do is turn off your Moto X device for at least 30-60 seconds. Now restart the device in recovery mode and clear the entire cache portion. It helps in clearing up almost all the app-related bugs that cause overheating.

*What can happen if you dont take care of the over heating issue in your Android mobile phone?

– If we do not take care of the overheating issues in android mobile devices there are chances that it will lead to –

  • Excess battery drainage issues
  • Will slow down the processing of your mobile device
  • There are chances that very excess heating of your android devices may lead to total damage of phone and it may also explode

*Is over heating over Android Mobile phone dependent on the Manufacture of the Mobile, Android OS version etc. ?

– The heating up of phone is dependent on manufactures and OS version. But, the manufactures all try hard to fix the bugs and update the software version used in the phone so that it reduces overheating.

*Is there any health hazard due to over heating of the Mobile phone?

– Excess use of phones itself leads to various health hazards. Definitely the over heating of phone causes major health issues like – headache, nausea, dizziness and many more. Even excess use of phone leads to metal misbalance.

*Are there any mobile phone accessories available ( mobile cover etc. ) that can stop over heating?

– Mobile covers these are great help to prevent the phone from direct sunlight, it stops the direct contact of phone and skin that reduce the temperature of phone from rising very high.

You can also take measures like –

  • Uninstall unused apps
  • Remove old and in appropriate battery
  • Do not always play games
  • Do not always put your phone on charge
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