Ethereum Transaction Accelerators That Really Work

The top three Ethereum Transaction Accelerators are listed below:

Levelten Ethereum Transaction Accelerators


Provenance is a crypto transaction accelerator platform that effortlessly operates with Mining pools and an exclusive community of crypto miners to accelerate your transactions within a short measure of time.

How to get a cryptocurrency transaction hash?

A transaction hash or TxHash is a unique identifier that is produced whenever a crypto user performs a transaction. A TxHash can be used to trace and track the status of a transaction.

Following are the steps to get the Transaction Hash.

Step 1: You should enter the receiver’s wallet address, the value of ETH to be sent and click on  SEND

Step 2: After the successful transaction of ETH to the receiver, a transaction hash is generated which is unique. The transaction hash should be saved for future references in tracking your ETH.

Step 3: To know the status of your transaction, you can click on Blockchain Explorer and enter the transaction hash in the search box.

How to pay acceleration fee?

The following are the steps which illustrate how to pay acceleration fee on Provenance.

Step 1: You have to enter the transaction hash on Provenance platform’s # transaction search bar.

Step 2: The platform will display the value to pay for accelerating the transaction. Click on Accelerate Now

Step 3: The payment options are displayed; the users have to choose a payment method to pay the acceleration fee.

levelten Ethreum Accelerator Payment Methods

Step 4: Use a payment method of your choice and make the payment.

Step 5: Once you have paid the amount, Click on I have made the payment and enter the details of the transaction.

Levelten Ethreum I have made the payment

Step 6: Your transaction will be verified and queued up for acceleration.


Ethereal is a transaction accelerator which releases the stuck or unconfirmed transactions. It is a command-line tool that allows users to carry out common Ethereum activities using standard Geth or Parity keystores. Ethereal contains commands to accelerate stuck transactions with ease.

Step 1: To install Ethereal you should need to have Go installed. If Go is installed you will notice a version report, for example:

go version go1.8.1 linux/amd64

Step 2: If you haven’t installed Go, you can install it on your desktop’s package manager or by following the directions at

Step 3: After installing Go, install Ethereal with the following command:

go get-u

Verify that Ethereal is available and the account which transferred the stuck transaction is visible by running – ethereal account list. You should ensure that your required account is on the list.

Step 4: To verify the status of a transaction run ethereal transaction info, for instance to find out the status of the stuck or unconfirmed transaction listed in the previous section:

Ethereal transaction info –transaction=0x1ec087e609d80f23d3fd92c5c41068e7a0dd6da5d9c05263d4c5b0a5ee2e6e20f96c194

Step 5: To increase the gas price for a transaction without changing the other parameters run ethereal transaction up with an altered gas price value, for example, to increase the gas price to 10 Gwei :

ethereal transaction up –transaction=0x1ec087e609d80f23d3fd92c5c41068e7a0dd6da5d9c05263d4c5b0a5ee2e6e20f96c194 –gasprice=10gwei — passphrase=secret

where passphrase is the phrase that opens the account that had transferred the stuck transaction.

Step 6: To cancel an unconfirmed transaction run ethereal transaction cancel with an altered gas price value:

ethereal transaction cancel –transaction=0xc041d16e457f8f420bb13d7e70f6fb0b233501f193b22a7c57cd1e4bc2e34c02804a86df6a –gasprice=60gwei –passphrase=secret

Ethereal can help accelerate crypto users with the stuck transactions and confirm that transactions deliver in time even when the Ethereum network is occupied with more transactions.

3. ETH Gas Station

ETH Gas Station intends to enhance the transparency of gas prices, transaction authentication and miner policies on the Ethereum network. The long term benefit of Ethereum depends on an active and dynamic market of gas price.

Most of the ethereum users use the default gas price from their wallet when they perform a transaction. But, sometimes it makes sense to pay extra if you want your unconfirmed transaction to accelerate.

It is difficult to know what are the gas prices to use unless you are monitoring the network. Therefore, we recommend the following steps which are based on desired transaction speed and cost:

Step 1: Safe low – Users can use this option, which is intended to be both economical and successful. It may take more time to get a confirmation with a low price (for ex: 6 minutes), but it is secure to use and should be verified promptly.

The price is decided by the lowest price where at least 5% of the network hash power will allow it. It should require at least 50 transactions which are mined in the last 24 hours at this price.

Step 2:  Average – This price is received by top miners who estimate at least 50% of the blocks mined, which are safe and prompt.

Step 3: Fastest – For this type of transaction, the top miners will quote for the lowest gas price (which is estimated over the last two days). Consequently, transactions with this gas price should be accepted by all the top pools.


In this article, we have provided the information on ethereum transaction accelerators which can accelerate your crypto transactions which are stuck or unconfirmed. The above accelerators help users to accelerate their unconfirmed transactions.

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