Top 3 things to know about Ethereum’s London hard fork.

  • The price of Ether is highly anticipated to increase tremendously in the near future. As Ether will start to burn post this London hard fork update, making it a deflationary asset. At the current rate near 2.3 ETH is burnt every minute ie. $10.7 million worth of Ether tokens are burnt per day. Which would keep increasing.
  • This update also addresses the bigger ‘GAS FEE’ issue plaguing the Ethereum ecosystem for long. Going forward, the gas fee would be a fixed fee which would help in more adoption of the crypto in the DeFi space. Its a welcome step for developers and traders globally.
  • All experts expect Ethereum to become a Proof-of-stake ( POS ) crypto by 2022 mid. Earlier it was a Proof of work ( POW ) cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This would be the biggest update for the protocol since its inception.

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Ethereum London hard fork

Top 3 things to know about Ethereum's London hard fork.
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Top 3 things to know about Ethereum's London hard fork.
The advantages of the Ethereum London hard fork update
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