Driverless Industry Facing A Genuine Shortage Of Qualified And Experienced Engineers

With the number of companies experimenting with Driverless Technology surging, the industry is currently facing a huge deficit of qualified personnel. The gap puts a barrier in the overall expansion of the industry. A rather unique professional field, the industry for autonomous vehicle research demands a large number of experts to launch programs.

With the increasing demand, the fact remains that there simply are not enough aptly educated individuals to fill the available jobs. Programming a car to drive on both busy urban and rural streets safely requires very specific and vast education. David Silver, an expert in the field, wrote for The Next Web that a typical driverless car programming expert needs skills such as, “… automotive engineering, software expertise, statistics and probability, machine learning, mathematics, and more.”

The scarcity of personnel available to spearhead experiments and scenarios with driverless technology creates a barrier to advancement. The market typically supplies the missing professions to meet societal and cultural demands. In the case of driverless cars, however, the demand grew so rapidly that even educational institutions are far behind. Government policies in various countries are now trying to make measures for this shortfall.

Driverless Industry Facing A Genuine Shortage Of Qualified And Experienced Engineers

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