How to Create a Mobile Wifi HotSpot in your Moto X phone ( Android )

Follow the following steps to create & setup WiFi HotSpot in a Moto X phone running on Android Marshmallow :

Step 1: Login to your Moto X Android Mobile phone.

Step 2: Swipe down on the Top of the screen ( You may want to do it twice, in case you have notifications showing up on the left side ) > Tap on the settings icon settings icon on the top right.

Create Wifi Hotspot in MotoX Android Marshmallow phone

Step 3: In the Settings screen > Under Wireless & Networks section > Click on More > Tap Tethering & Mobile hotspot.

Setup Wifi Hotspot in MotoX Android Marshmallow phone

How to Create Wifi Hotspot in MotoX Android Marshmallow phone

Step 4: In the next screen, you will see 3 options. Select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. It will open up the configuration screen.

Create mobile Wifi Hotspot in Android

Step 5: Please fill in the Network Name > Select Security type as WPA2 PSK > choose your Password > Let AP Band be the default selected one ( ie. 2.4 GHz Band ) > Save

Setup Wifi Hotspot in MotoX

Step 6: Now you will need to turn-on Wi-Fi HotSpot. Tap Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, so the toggle switch becomes green.

Create Wifi Hotspot in Moto X Android phone

Now your Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is setup and powered on & anyone with the Username / Password ( which you set earlier ) should be able to connect with your hotspot.


* Even after turning on the WiFi HotSpot, not able to connect via.the other devices…
– Check if the device has Wi-Fi enabled ( ie. Turned ON )
– See if the Network name ( you had setup in your Moto X Android Mobile phone ) is showing up in the devices Wi-Fi list. If not, turn it Off and Turn it ON again & see if the name shows.
– Double check if you had entered the password correctly. Check your Caps Lock setting.
– See if your Moto X Android Mobile phone is in range with the device you are trying to connect.

* Am not able to Browse the internet via. the connected device…
– On your Moto X Android Mobile phone, check to see if Bluetooth tethering is ON.
– Make sure the encryption type and security settings match on your Moto X Android Mobile phone and the device.
– Open various other browsers and see if you are able to browse the internet.
– Check your device’s ( eg. Laptop ) proxy settings. Also Check Proxy setting of your browser. Its usually under Options > Network > Settings. It should be set to NO PROXY.
– Also check your systems internet proxy setting ( Windows search > Connection > Lan Settings ). See that it is NOT set to STATIC IP.

* What is Bluetooth tethering? How is it different from Wifi tethering?
Using Bluetooth or Wifi, you can connect/ pair your Moto X Android Mobile phone with any device ( eg. Laptop ). One of the biggest difference between tethering via. Bluetooth & Wifi is: Bluetooth consumes less battery than WiFi. But on the flip side Wifi Tethering is fast and ideal for sharing internet connections.

For those who would wanna now what Bluetooth is, HERE is a detailed explanation.

* What is the range for the Wifi Hotspot to work in Moto X Android Mobile phone?

When we tested it, we were able to get a decent connection upto 45 meters, post which the hotspot became a bit spotty.

* How can we block / limit certain devices from connecting to our Mobile Wifi Hotspot?

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