Each Coffee Meets Bagel Icons Meaning Explained. Pictorial Expert Guide.

In this article, let’s understand each Coffee Meets Bagel Icons Meaning in great detail. Read on.

The icons on the Coffee Meets Bagel app could be quite confusing for first-time users or even to regular users if a new feature gets introduced, let’s break things down a bit to explain in this Coffee meets bagel icons meaning article.

To downloaded the Coffee Meets Bagel app on Android go here and iOS here

Coffee Meets Bagel Icons Meaning

Brief Case Icon (On the user profile)

Each coffee meets bagel Icons meaning 

The Brief Case icon indicates the workplace of the person, they would usually mention where they work and their role in the organization. This is helpful when you want to find people within your organization or to strike up a conversation based on their work.

Graduate Hat (On User profile)

Place of study usually is a great way to find if you have mutual friends, as the app may not show your mutual friends like how Tinder used to back in the day. A lot of people also consider the person’s education qualification if they want to pursue something serious.

Bubble with three dots 

Bubble with three dots icon indicates ‘Sends First Message’ whether the person you have matched with usually replies first. This is important if the person matched and hasn’t initiated the contact yet. To enable the feature, you’ll have to subscribe to the premium membership.

Circle with three dots (On the user profile)

coffee meets bagel Icons meaning explained

Circle with three dots indicates the ‘Usually Replies within’ feature, this premium feature shows how long your match takes to reply on an average. Good to know, if they are really this slow to reply or if it’s only to you.

Timer icon

The timer icon denotes ‘Active within 72 hours’ feature. This feature, you guessed it right, is a premium feature. It shows when your match last logged in to the app.

Percentage circle 

The percentage circle denotes the ‘ Chat with Bagels’ feature. The feature which is available to premium members shows the total percentage of chat replies that your match has replied to on the app. This lets you understand if they are worth your time and worth pursuing. As we all know, our time is most important.


A Bean is an In-app currency used to purchase benefits and for use to take bagels within the apps. You can purchase beans from the bean shop section available within the app.

Pro Tip: If you purchase the membership, you get around 6000 beans every month. Or you could just buy beans based on your needs without the membership plan too.

Heart Icon (Take) or Take This Bagel Icon

Take this Bagel icon that appears on each profile suggested for you in the Discover section and the suggested profile section. Tap on it to notify the bagel that you have expressed interest in them. From the suggested section, you may express your interest by tapping on the heart button for free. But in the discover section, you will have to pay around 385 Beans to Take the Bagel.

Coffee Meets Bagel Flower icon meaning 

coffee meets bagel Iconmeaning explained

Coffee Meets Bagel is a popular app and so are some of the bagels who have signed up on the platform, to make it engaging, the app has a feature known as Skip the Line. So how does the app handle likes and matches? Every time you like someone, they won’t be immediately notified that you like them. Instead, the app only notifies them anywhere between 7 – 14 days. Between this time there is a possibility that they might match with someone they are interested in. If you really, like someone, you’d use the Skip the line feature to be seen soon by them. The app lets you choose even how soon you can be seen by them by paying more Coffee beans. That way, they’ll know your more serious about this and not a passerby.

Coffee Meets Bagel Mini hearts icon meaning

The mini hearts denotes the newly launched ‘Everyone who likes you‘ feature.  All your bagels who like you are listed here. You could view them in this section. Yes, it’s a premium feature. 🙂

Flag Icon

coffee meets bagel Icons meaning explained

Flag icon is where you report any fake profiles or any bad experience that you had with this bagel. The Coffee Meets Bagel team investigates these claims and takes action against them. It could range from removing them from the platform or filing a legal complaint against them depending on the severity of the case.

Delete Icon

coffee meets bagel Icons meaning

If you don’t want to continue a chat, you could click on the delete option and the match will be deleted. But please note that the chat would be still available to view, but you may not be able to reply or start a conversation. Also, If anyone of you delete the match, the message “Xxxx has left the chat room” will display for the other user.

We’ve covered all icons to the best of our knowledge, if you feel we’ve missed out something or there’s a new feature and you need help understanding, please comment below. So we can help you out. 🙂

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