How to change your location on Tinder?

Single? Not Single? Just a hangout? Well, whatever might be the case, you have all your answers sorted when you have so many apps at your fingertips. Tinder, is among them which allows the users to make a dating option happen or simply hangout with a stranger with whom your matches connect! But sometimes you get naughty and would like to check out profiles in other locations. Lets see how to change your location in Tinder.

How to change your location?

Tinder has the option that automatically helps you see profiles within a certain radius as decided by them. But if you become a member of Tinder Plus, you get to have the freedom to choose from 4 locations.

Note: If you are travelling, Tinder will automatically change your location based on where you are. These methods discussed here are for changing your location from where you are.

  • Become a member of Tinder Plus:
     Obviously, features like these never come on for free. So, yes if you want to become a member then you have to pay $9.99 per month if you age less than 30 and $19.99 if more than 30. Once you avail your opportunity to be the member, you can easily select from the locations.
    Supposedly, you are travelling to some other place then you can book location according to your travel plans.
    This feature is called the Passport feature. So, when you are traveling, it is a golden chance for you to select 4 locations at your ease. When you do that you have access to all those locations.
    When you try adding new location more than 4 the first location disappears and it keeps on circling the same way.But you wouldn’t like to choose to pay for using this service! So, we have just another hack ready for you.
  • Fake Location:
    You are going to love this hack where you can simply fake your location from any place , save on the money by not buying the premium version of Tinder and getting access to people from different locations. How?
    Let’s see the process:
    1. First step is to go to settings Where is the option About Phone in your Android device.
    2. There you will find option ABOUT PHONE. Click on that.
    3. Under that option you will find BUILD NUMBER. Click on that option for 7 times until it prompts itself “No need, You are already a developer.”
    4. Then click on the DEVELOPER OPTIONS menu and click on the simple option of ALLOW MOCK LOCATIONS.
    5. Go to Settings and click on Location option with Mode ON and change from High Accuracy mode to Device only.
    6.  Then comes the trick into action. Download a fake GPS app: Everywhere for Tinder from the play store. If you can’t find it, use FAKE GPS app.
    7. When you open the app, select that location which you want to change your location into.
    8. Again open the app and go to settings and discovery.
    9. You have to change the search distance to a different point tricking tinder to search for your location.Once done, you may go back to your profile and find various people from your tricked fake locations being shown. You can play along the game by swiping right and have a good time!!

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