How to change drop destination location in Uber during a trip?

Just recently I booked an Uber cab, but after inputting the destination I realized it was not the exact destination that I actually chose. So, I wondered what can be done now? We have often faced situations like these when we are clueless because the GPS acted stupidly and now we are stuck!

When a situation like this arises, do this: While the trip is still going on, and you realize this is not the destination that you actually want to go to, then tap on the Enter Destination search bar, Type your new destination and the driver will update his maps and take you to the new location. This is as simple as that.

*Note: This is not possible in Uber Pool. In Uber Pool you already have random people traveling with you and you can’t make changes in it causing inconvenience to them. 

Changing Multiple Destinations:

We have often heard and faced situations where we want to drop off in different locations but have no such access on Uber app to get through it. How about late midnight, you and your friends are returning from a party and have different destinations to head to. You know that you need to drop off at a certain location and may be another couple would like to get down somewhere else. You are stuck! What should you do then?

There is a hack for this too..

Enter the destination that you would want to get down at first. When you reach your destination, ask your friends to get down and change your destination in the ENTER DESTINATION search bar above in the app. When you do that, the driver will accept the change and take you to the updated destination. Isn’t that amazingly simple?

This is in one way also linked to the drivers. The drivers should be friendly enough to teach their passengers about this little trick. Sometimes, when the driver is faced with such a situation, that there are passengers but with different destination locations and are worrisome about it. The driver should uprightly help by telling the exact trick and helping them out. Just after dropping off one of the friends, the driver himself can ask them to change the destination in the app and ask where next? In this way, driver gets to head to two destinations but gets paid for the same. He is not in a fix and the customer can feel safe and happy as well.

Only problem that may occur can be, that before even changing the destination, after the first drop off, the driver gets another request. To avoid this, just after the first drop off, the driver should navigate to another destination by using maps. When the navigation is on, he will not be granted any other ride.

Change destination of pickup

Yes, now changing pickup location after requesting the cab, is also possible. Though it is been in a tested phase in the US, UK and Canada(Only for ios)but has been launched. According to this feature, when a customer has booked a ride but realizes that the driver is positioned to some other way, he can edit the pickup location. The pickup location edit can only be done slightly and not at a major difference of distance.

By launching this, they have experienced fewer cancellations of ride and saves time and energy of both customer and driver in getting to know the exact location over calls.

Check Here:

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