How to cancel a trip in Uber?

If you are not an owner of a vehicle, you probably know the importance of booking a cab and taking a ride. Cabs have proved to be the travel bearers nowadays. Offering so many deals, making it easier and easier for people to take up rides at cheap prices. Uber has surely lead the way. With great offers and features, there is one most common question asked “How do you cancel a ride with Uber?”

Cancelling a ride with Uber is easy. Let’s go through the steps to make the cancellation happen and then we will see different cancellation scenarios:

CASE 1: When a driver is en route your location:

Step 1: Open Uber app.

Step 2: If you have booked a cab, then when you click on the ride you will see the driver’s card.

Step 3: Open the driver’s card and an option CANCEL RIDE will appear. Click on that.

Step 4: It will ask for Confirmation. So click on YES.

Step 5: And will be eventually cancelled.

CASE 2: To cancel a ride already booked:

Step 1: Open the app

Step 2: Tap on the three parallel line icon on left most corner and click on “Your Trips”

Step 3: Click on Upcoming trips and click on the ride you want to cancel

Step 4: When you cancel it, it is done.

When will I be charged Cancellation fee?

  1. If you cancel the trip after 2-5 minutes of booking the ride, you are charged with a cancellation fee.
    In case of UBER POOL you will be charged a cancellation fee of $2, if you cancel after booking the ride.
  2. If you get late in boarding the cab after 2 minutes of waiting in the UBER POOL Cab ride.
  3. If you cancel the ride after the driver had arrived.

You are charged the cancellation fee wrongly, Then you can message their support team and they will take care of it. Ask for refund HERE.

Drivers are given the privilege to make the rides happen. The only way a customer is charged cancellation fee is to take care of the time driver has put into making your rides happen.

Are drivers charged for the cancellation of rides?

Drivers are not charged for the cancellation of rides until and unless it is too many in a row or when it increases a certain 10% of the rides. The driver then receives a warning message, and still if it keeps on happening then he may be discarded to work.

More Hacks:

If the reason for cancellation is because of other reasons like: Driver Denying duty, Long wait time etc. do the following:

  • If the driver is too far or is not moving in your direction you can simply cancel the ride stating that the driver is not moving in your direction. In this case you are not charged any fee.
  • You can cancel the booking even if your ride is taking too long to reach your location even when it says that the cab is just 5 minutes away. You can state the reason Cab not moving in my direction and save yourself from any fee.
  • If driver is denying duty for some reason. Ask the driver to cancel the trip from his end. In most cases he wont do that as the fine will be levied on him. One hack is, you book another cab from another service like UBER / LYFT etc. and keep going. The other driver will eventually wait for some time and cancel it from his side.


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