Top 10 Books to Understand Blockchain

The blockchain is here to stay, the technology revolution which is slowly gathering momentum will only get stronger. Blockchain might seem like a technical jargon which any mere mortal can’t understand. The blockchain technology which is behind the bitcoin definitely has its fair amount of complexity but that doesn’t’ mean you can’t profit from it.

Did you know? The concept behind blockchain is relatively simple to understand. Blockchain refers to the decentralized public ledger which is stored on a peer to peer network and its data is cryptographically protected. Which makes one’s data inherently unhackable. The immutability of data and blockchains’ capacity to be open source and its ability to scale without affecting the privacy of the individuals has the potential to revolutionize the information technology as we know it.

As blockchain is considered the next internet and its impact are nonetheless similar. The ability to take advantage of this technology by both businessmen and tech or non-tech entrepreneurs will be crucial in adapting to the challenges of the future where blockchain will play a key role.

Following is our recommendation of books which give a thorough introduction to the blockchain: –

1) Blockchain for Dummies

This book highlights how blockchain was started from the bitcoin bubble. Blockchain which is the underlying technology of bitcoin showcases how blockchain could be used for practically all the data needs across various industries which provide integrity of the data. The book written by Tiana Laurence in great detail explains what a blockchain is and different platforms and uses of blockchain such as ethereum, ripple, bitcoin, etc. The book provides a legitimate guide into how to deal with cryptocurrencies and necessary tips and advice on how to use cryptocurrencies etc.

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2) Mastering Blockchain

This is a book written by Imran Bashir is UK based cryptography researcher. The book dives directly into blockchain and its related technology. The book is thoroughly updated with latest blockchain code. The book teaches the fundamentals and technical aspects of the cryptography and how to keep data secure. The book also dives into ethereum and how to build decentralised applications and also gives an introduction to ethereum’s programming language solidity.

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3) Building Blockchain Projects

This book gives a hands-on guidance on how to develop decentralized applications. The decentralized applications are designed in the solidity language which is made using the ethereum’s powerful solidity language. The book gives both a beginner developer and an expert developer an idea into the world of blockchain application development. The book was written by Naryan Prusty in order to get more javascript developers to build applications on blockchain as the data is tamper proof.

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4) Blockchain and the Law

The book is written by Primavera De Fillipe and Aaron Wright. The book focuses on what the blockchain technology is and how where the technology has its benefits and its limitatations. The book focuses on where and when to focus on the impact of blockchain in our day to day life and in the context of blockchain’s impact on our future as a society where blockchain smart contracts could be used to sort out legal issues and reduce tort or civil wrong of breaking away from contract which plagues our legal systems now.

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5) Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy 

This book is written by Melanie Swan. The book focuses on the economic aspect of the blockchain. The book highlights the potential advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain technology in our nearby future. The book focuses on the limitations of blockchain and how blockchain has made progress in the little time that it came into existence and development on it has been slowly but steadily being increased.

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6) Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps

The book is meant for the non-technical readers. The book is written by Daniel Drescher. The book focuses on providing completely non-technical steps to get into the understanding of blockchain. The book provides 25 easy steps for readers to get a proper understanding of blockchain. The book explains the concepts of blockchain through pictures and non-technical aspects so non-tech readers can understand about blockchain and its relevance to business applications. The book acts as a bridge for non-tech readers to purely blockchain based books.

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7) The Age of Cryptocurrency

The book gives an understanding of the bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency which highlighted the utility of blockchain.  The book gives an understanding to new readers about what a bitcoin is and how its impacting the current socio-economic order. The book highlights how cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay and gives guidelines about the potential challenges and advantgaes which will arrive at global scale due to the emergence of blockchain.

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8) Blockchain – From Concept to Execution

The book is written by Debanjani Mohanty.  The book aims to provide new users the necessary information about blockchain and technologies which are related to it. The book gives a complete guide of what a blockchain is and how it is used in cryptocurrencies and how the various use cases of blockchain could be beneficial across many industries. The book discussed how major tech companies are already investing and harnessing the benefits of blockchain. The book is a thorough read to understand blockchain from its birth to its present day applications while the potential of blockchain is barely scratched.

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9) Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

The book gives an understanding of the blockchain through understanding bitcoin. The book focuses on how to utilize the blockchain by programming in it and harnessing its technology for the development of blockchain related technology. The book gives a good idea of ow to start programming in blockchain. Th book is written by one of the earliest adapter of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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10) Blockchain Revolution

It is one of the earliest books which expanded on the idea of blockchain and its impact. The book dives into how blockchain could change the way we work as blockchain based technology will transform the everyday workplace. The book highlights the potential of blockchain in the future and its ability to transform both the health industry and world economy.

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