How to book two cabs at the same time in Uber?

Uber has become an indispensable part of our lives, the On-demand app has customers relying on it for their regular commute in recent years.

Of late, we’ve been wondering whether if it was possible to book two Uber cabs, at the same time in a scenario, where you and your friend have to leave at the same time, but their phone is out of charge.

Let me tell you upfront, the app doesn’t allow you to book another cab while a ride is already on. However, there’s a quick workaround by which you can book two Uber cabs from the same phone.

Let’s learn How to Book the first cab on Uber?

(Assuming you already are using the app)

Here’s a short video of how to book a cab on the UBER App:

Step 1: Go to your Uber app.

Step 2:  Input your destination, choose the type of vehicle you want to book and make sure you select the correct pick-up point. (Yes, we had booked a cab at a wrong pickup location once because of some technical issue.)

Step 3: Choose the type of vehicle that you prefer.

Step 4: Once done, the app searches for a driver closeby to pick you up.

Booking a second cab through the mobile browser:

Step 5: Open the website on your mobile browser. Check with your friend if they already have an account, if they do, log in or if they don’t you could register your friend’s phone number through the website.

Step 6: Once logged in, you have the option to choose a pickup. Click on Allow location access to let Uber detect your current location and set it as your pickup location automatically or manually enter the location.

Step 7: Enter your drop location, choose the payment method from the available options (Note:You may not be able to use the same card tagged to your account here)

Step 8: This should let you book a cab now, once all the details are entered correctly.

When you are done with these steps, you probably have the access and freedom to book 2 cabs at the same time and you can make it up!

Booking 2 rides with Uber though is a difficult task and you can not simply do it using just the app. Uber is very particular about the use of its app and doesn’t allow booking 2 trips at the same time. So, we can only use the hack and try getting access to book 2 rides.

If still you feel that it isn’t working and you need to book 2 rides at the same time, then try for another app. Book one ride from Uber and another from any other app like Lyft and you can then easily avail the simplicity of booking.

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