How to book two cabs at the same time in Uber?

Cab services have provided us with great features in the long run. Customers have got accustomed to the services as well. Uber and any other app also perceive themselves to provide better services than the previous days. So, we have often been faced with the question what if I want to book another Uber ride, when I am already in one of the ongoing rides?

There are situations when  you need to book 2 rides. One for yourself and may be one for your friend who is unable to book the ride at that time. You might know that your phone is not charged and you make RIDE LATER option at the same time to book the cab for later purpose. Better than getting stuck at such situations we have these hacks for you people to try and ease out this process:

Process 1:

Step 1: Go to your Uber app.

Step 2:  Create your account by inputting your details. Once the sign up is complete, authentication is done.

Step 3: Now, that you have access to your account. Input your pickup location on the search bar on the topmost side of app.

Step 4: Go to the page “Using Uber without a Smartphone”.  Give them the request and it will take 24 hours to process.

Step 5: Open your mobile’s browser and go to Uber’s website. Login with different credentials. The once just created from another mail id.

Step 6: Select the car that you want to pickup : UberX, Uber XL, Uber Prime any of them and set up a payment method.

Step 7: Enter your drop location and request the cab.

Step 8: Once done. Come out of the Mobile’s browser and go to Uber app now.

Step 9: Go to Uber’s  app and follow the same procedure and book yourself a ride.

When you are done with these steps, you probably have the access and freedom to book 2 cabs at the same time and you can make it up!

Booking 2 rides with Uber though is a difficult task and you can not simply do it using just the app. Uber is very particular about the use of its app and doesn’t allow booking 2 trips at the same time. So, we can only use the hack and try getting access to book 2 rides.

If still you feel that it isn’t working and you need to book 2 rides at the same time, then try for another app. Book one ride from Uber and another from any other app like Lyft and you can then easily avail the simplicity of booking.

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