Blockchain Developer Tools which Makes Life Easier

A developer by necessity needs to manage time and use the best practices to produce highest quality output in lowest possible time. Blockchain being the next disruptive technology in the market is no different. A blockchain developer is always on a lookout for new practices which makes his/her life easier. Whether you are a beginner or an expert blockchain developer. Below are our top recommended tools and which make a blockchain developers life easy.


Below are our top recommendations:-

1) Using Solidity Browser

The solidity browser is used as an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for ethereum development. The browser allows developers to write programs and design decentralised applications for ethereum platform. It is a requirement for an ethereum developer to be well versed in the environment.

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2) Blockchain Testnet

If you are blockchain developer, whether you want to create a new dapp (decentralised application) using Ethereum or another chain, you should use the related testnet or a system that works as a substitute for the real blockchain that you will want to use for the real dapp.

Testnet is an alternative coin to bitcoin which does not have any value. It provides an alternative for bitcoin blockchain so the application developers and testers can test their experiments in real time. The developers can test their application which is aimed at running bitcoin blockchain without worrying about breaking the bitcoin blockchain.

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3) Blockcypher

It is the web hosting service for bitcoin with aim of becoming the Amazon web services for bitcoin for blockchain developers. The website offers various necessary tools such as website hosting and running its own testnets for bitcoin. A developer can directly dive into writing code without having to worry about finding the right web hosting service, etc.

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4)Truffle Web Framework

Truffles objective is to make an ethereum blockchain developer’s life easy. Truffle web framework focuses on building compilations for smart contracts and its linking and its binary management. The framework provides automated contract testing for rapid development. It has various functions especially interactive console for direct contract communication. It most importantly performs the function of testing ethereum framework and providing its asset pipeline.

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5) Geth Console

If you are developing decentralised applications through ethereum then you have to run ethereum node. Geth is a command line tool designed especially for this purpose. It is a versatile tool which offers three interfaces such as command line, subcommands and it also has features such as Json-rpc server and an interactive console.

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6) Ganache

It is a tool within truffle web frameworks. It is used to access and set up an Ethereum personal blockchain within no time. The developer can set up an ethereum blockchain and run tests on the personal chain. the developer can also execute commands and the developer also has the option of inspecting state while controlling how the chain operates.

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7) Metamask

Metamask works within the truffle web frameworks.  It allows users to run decentralised apps within the browser without the need of running full ethereum node. Metamask is a boon to blockchain developers and ethereum enthusiasts alike who are interested in learning more about blockchain based technology without much deep experience in developing in the blockchain. Metamask also includes a secure identity vault. Metamask could be easily accessed through a chrome extension or as an add-on in Firefox, Opera or the brave browser.

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8) solc

Solidity is the language used to build a decentralized application on ethereum based blockchain. Solc is a solidity compiler which makes it easier for developers to compile their codes. The docker feature allows the compiler to connect to other apps such as geth, etc. The compiler is supported in mac osx, windows and linux.

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9) IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)

IPFS is rapidly gaining traction as the file transfer system across the globe. It is a new system which is just being realised as its peer to peer media transfer potential capability is being understood. IPFS eliminates the need for websites to have central source server. This leads to the potential of redesigning the internet as we know it. Decentralised distribution the latest major update in IPFS. As websites and web application can be distributed in the same way as blockchain network. This provides a huge market for decentralised web developers to understand IPFS and to be up to date with it.

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10) Mist

Mist is a client on the ethereum network. It allows users to send transaction in real time basis. It also allows users to inspect blockchain. Mist is one of the best developer tools as it could be installed within the browser as an add on or extension. The application allows users to send whisper messages. It allows the users to access the web3 API’s of geth node using th web3.js library.

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