Binance Account Locked with funds? 2 things to do

Its a frustrating experience to get your Binance account locked with funds inside. Its even super frustrating when there is no response from Binance support and you just keep getting the same response again and again. There has been worrying stories from affected users on social media who claim their Binance account banned with no clear response from the customer support. In this article lets look at 2 important things you must do after getting your Binance account suspended.


(1) Do your part. Contact Binance.

The first step always is to try the easy way ie. contact Binance. Who knows, this simple step can get your Binance account activated again. After lot of recent complaints online, Binance has created a process for customers to unlock their accounts. Use this link provided by Binance and follow the steps. In some cases, this works.

Important: While you are desperate and frustrated that your Binance account is banned, please always remember: NEVER EVER give your password or private key etc. to anyone. If anyone in any channel asks you for it – it is a scam.

(2) 3rd party representation.

Its like a hidden secret in every company globally. Special attention is given to users who get represented by another professional company. If you feel your Binance account is still not restored after contacting Binance or if there is delay in response, try this. Take the help of a ‘Representation’ company to send Binance a notice on your behalf demanding an answer ( No, this not a legal notice ). There are certain organizations that will send a mail to Binance customer support on your behalf demanding justice. They will represent you and demand a reply. Such representation can get escalated inside customer support department. And make them notice your case and respond quickly.  The email from such representing companies carries certain importance and help for your case to get noticed. Crypto Support Org. is one such company who you can try contacting. They will hear your case out and if its genuine they will prepare a detailed document. You can verify the content of the document before they send it out ( you will be CC’d in the email ). We have heard that many have got quick responses after being represented. Some companies also help in escalating your issue step-by-step. If there is still no response, they contact Binance support on Twitter private channels. If still no response, they do open tagging on social media demanding a response. If still there is no proper response they suggest you the next steps of escalation. As they step up to next, next levels…there is no other way for Binance but to resolve the issue.


What are the common reasons for Binance Account getting Locked?

While there can be plethora of reasons, the top 3 reasons we think are:

  • Security: Most of the times the reason is some security threat is detected in your account. If the system finds some continues efforts to hack your account, it locks that Binance account automatically to safe guard your account. If this is the case, mostly your Binance account can be retrieved by following the steps Binance recommends ( as mentioned in the first point in this article )
  • Verification: It can also happen sometimes that you have not provided proper ID verification, or its outdated. And based on the law of the land, Binance may need to re-verify your account. This can get your account locked and suspended until you provide the required information.
  • Law enforcement: Any company in the world would need to follow orders coming directly from law enforcement. Your account can be frozen if it was asked to be locked by the government agencies.

Why is there so much delay in response from Binance Support?

Yes, this can be a frustrating experience. Especially when your funds are locked in your Binance account and there is no timely response. You also need to understand that Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange with millions of users. And so will be the volume of the support tickets they get on daily basis. Just imagine following up on each request and the back logs. When it cant be automated, the backlogs can get piled up quickly. This can be the main reason for the delay. And is definitely not OK. One of the ways to push the customer support’s attention to your case if by using a representation ( as discussed above in point 2 )

Binance account locked

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Is your Binance Account Locked with funds stuck inside? Follow these steps
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Is your Binance Account Locked with funds stuck inside? Follow these steps
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