Best places to learn Ethereum

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which is currently valued at 50 dollars for 1 ether. With ethereum currency gaining traction among more users, there is a growing demand from most companies to be up to date with providing service in the blockchain world and to grow their businesses.

Did you know? Ethereum is a blockchain based decentralised distribution. The ethereum platform could be used to develop decentralised applications which are gaining so much demand. For a new developer or just a student from a non-tech background who is curious about blockchain or wants to understand and get to know the basics or a veteran programmer who wants to transition into programming in ethereum. To understand ethereum one must first understand how to program in the blockchain. As blockchain is the basis of ethereum development.

Below are our recommendations for the best place to learn ethereum from.

1) Blockchain for Business – An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies

It is a course offered through the website. It is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) which is offered by the Linux Foundation. It is a primer to the blockchain and hyperledger technology which are the foundation of ethereum platform. Once the developer understands its way and how blockchain works, it would be easier for him/her to start coding in ethereum platform. It showcases the building of blockchain applications and hyperledger applications. The course guides students through building simple applications on top of hyperledger sawtooth and hyperledger fabric framework which is the basis of smart contracts. The course further teaches how to get involved and to contribute to open source hyperledger projects.

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2)  Blockchain and FinTech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations

This is a financial technology course offered by Hong Kong University as a MOOC online at The course aims to teach students to understand the design rationale of blockchain and its applications in various emerging platforms and also to understand its limitations where they are applicable. The course also focuses on the technological and cryptographic components of the blockchain. This thorough understanding of blockchain leads to users to understand the various aspects when they will start creating decentralised applications.

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3) Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity

This is an udemy tutorial which is taught by  Ravinder Deol, Thomas Wiesner who have a vast experience in the field of bitcoin and blockchain. It helps the beginner ethereum developer to understand blockchain. This tutorial focuses on advising strategies to help businessmen prepare for a future decentralised economy. The core of ethereum is blockchain. Understanding this course will lead to any novice into understanding the fundamentals of ethereum.

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4) Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

This is an udemy course created by Stephen Grider to guide a new developer in understanding ethereum, solidity and smart contracts to build production-ready decentralised applications on blockchain and ethereum. The course highlights the advantages of creating an application in ethereum. The course also guides students in building blockchain applications using the ethereum blockchain.  The tutorials also focus on designing, testing and deploying smart contracts. There is also a fair bit of content relating to mining concepts in the blockchain.

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5) HOWTO: Building Ethereum Apps With Truffle

This is an online tutorial which is available on youtube for free of charge. The tutorial is created by Tim Coulter. This course is about an hour in length. It provides an in-depth depth tutorial which shows how to build ethereum applications within the truffle web framework.

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6) Tutorial dapp with Solidity, Truffle, Web3 and Javascript

This is a tutorial which is freely available online at youtube. The tutorial is published by blockchain talks. The half an hour video tutorial guides around first time developers to develop decentralised applications for ethereum platform. The tutorial guides students on how to use the solidity, truffle, web3 and javascript function of ethereum.

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 7) Developing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Beginners

This is a free tutorial available at The tutorial guides a first time developer to create and deploy ethereum smart contracts. Smart contracts allow developers to create decentralised applications that can utilise the blockchain framework and use it solve problems across various industries. This is a hands on course. Which will help first-time developers to understand and start designing smart contracts for blockchain and which in the hand could be used for developing decentralised applications in ethereum.

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8) Solidity and Smart Contracts Tutorial for Beginners

This is a beginners course in solidity and smart contracts which is freely available online at youtube. The course is taught by Vlad Wulf. The course is an hour long. the course gives a demo and guides the student into understanding how smart contracts work.

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9) Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the open blockchain

The book focuses on understanding the basis of blockchain technology and its most famous creation the bitcoin. The book is written by Andreas Antonopoulos who is one of the early adopters and champions of bitcoin. The book provides a guide to understand the complex surroundings of bitcoin and giving the users the initiative to participate in the internet. Bitcoin is the first decentralised currency and even in its early stages has developed itself into a multi-billion dollar global economy. The book gives an introduction in the bitcoin world and provides the basis of understanding for non-technical users. It also gives a foundation for developers and engineers etc into the foundations of bitcoin and cryptographic currencies. The book gives the users the basic understanding into security principles, peer to peer architecture.

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10) Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

This book is written by Henning Diedrich who has been an official liaison officer for IBM to Ethereum core developers. This is a non technical guide in understanding blockchain for new developers and people who don’t have a thorough previous background in blockchain. The book offers a general idea for blockchain and more focused in Ethereum.

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