How to become an uber driver?

To become an Uber driver is not a simple issue, you need to clear certain instances, you need to follow certain guidelines. Let’s go through the process once:

  • Complete an Online Application Form:

So,when you have decided to become a driver for Uber, you need to strike first through Uber’s online form and fill it completely. The form will have access to all your personal details and you need to provide apt and correct information as per your documents as this will be used by Uber for your background checks.

Apart from your clear and crisp personal information, you need to also provide details about your vehicle along with the pictures of your car’s front and rear bumper with interiors.

Not only you need to provide the documents, but you will need to present the documents like your driving license, car registration and insurance paper.

  • Car Inspection:

Once you are done with the filling of application form, then comes the part where you need to get your car inspected. Uber is one great cab service provider who has set up car inspection stations everywhere. You can get your car inspected in any one of the stations for free and if you are lucky enough you may also get some bonus cash for getting it done.

Fill up the Vehicle’s inspection form as well and get going.

  • Clearance:

So, once you have done with both of the above steps all you need to do is WAIT… Wait for the results to come out, pretty much like any exam! Once stages 1 and 2 are done then a background check is carried out. You are also been thoroughly checked of any criminal offence or any kind of other violation maker in the past 7 years of your work history.Checks are carried out for:

-DUI or Drug-related offences

-Driving without your insurance paper or license

-Accidents caused or any recklessness in driving

-Criminal Background

Once you are done with all the steps and selected you will be a core member of the Uber family and you can start driving. You will be provided with a Uber Welcome manual, an AUX cable and also a sticker from their company to paste it inside your car.

Apart from the procedures to follow you should also remember that to become an Uber driver, you should:

  1. Be 21 years or older.
  2. You must possess a car that is 2000 model or newer than this.
  3. You should also have in-state license, car registration and auto insurance paper.
  4. Above all, you need to clear your background check.
  5. Have a social security number to carry on background check

These requirements are served for handling normal car services. What if you want to become a driver for driving Uber Black?

If you want to work as a driver for Uber Black then you need to have certain set of other requirements:

  • First and foremost, you need to have luxurious car.
  • Need to have a commercial license, TCP, airport permit in most cities

What can be done if your car doesn’t fulfill the requirements?

You can simply go for a new car or leasing a car if your car didn’t meet the requirements or the mileage isn’t good enough. Leasing a car that is 4-5 years old helps your purpose to use the car according to your needs and also paying the dues without any extra charge on you.

In any case, you don’t receive any call or mail within 7 days from Uber, then contact them. Sometimes, it may be stuck somewhere or you might not be reachable.So, get in contact and get it sorted.

For any problem in the process, or anything that you found difficult to understand, comment below and we will get to you.

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