How to backup and restore in Moto X

Creating backup is a great invention. We cannot always carry hard copy of the important documents. Before the invention of this technology, it was very difficult to carry loads of data. Now we can just create backup and it is easily available to us. Therefore, learning to create backup of data is important. You can follow these simple and easy steps and learn how to create backup in Moto X.
After we create the backup, what do we do, we restore it when needed. If we have lost our phone or we log in from a new phone, we can get all the data back. So we do not have to feel lost, because losing your old data or phone in present time is like losing your identity. We do not remember phone numbers; we create unlimited memories using our phone. Hence this makes it necessary for us to tell you, how to restore data.


  1. From Menu Apps icon > select settings Screenshot_20160317-133051
  2. Under settings option > tap on backup & resetBackup and reset icon
  3. Toggle onSwitch on Automatic restore option (this option will enable you to restore data back from the storage, when you are re-installing an app)Screenshot_20160317-164433

These simple and easy steps make your work effortless and you know how to backup and restore in Moto X.


  • Will we be able to get back all the backup data after the phone is reset?

Yes, you will get back all the data. You just have to sign in to your Google account or the account where you created backup of your data and you can simply restore. You will get all the data back. But you will need to customize your android device again according to your choice. After reset the device is exactly similar to a new unused phone.

  • What if we reinstall the app in other phone, do we get back the same data?

Yes, you just have to login from the account in which you created back up. Select the restore or synchronize option and you will get the data in just a click.


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