How to backup data in Moto X

The android mobile devices that are always handy and a very good companion to us is used to accomplish our day to day tasks. We store our information and important details in this device to make sure it is safe and always available when needed. But, if we lose these data because of some virus or any damage to the phone, we feel completely lost. Therefore, it is necessary to take a backup of the data so that it is always available during the time of need. Follow these steps and learn how to backup data in Moto X android devices.


  1. Login to your Moto X android mobile phone.Screenshot_20160317-152030

Tap once on menu iconApps icon that is present in the home screen of android phone, and then in the search bar type settings. Once setting icon pops up, again tap on that and this will lead you to setting menu.


Swipe down on the top on your screen; again tap on top your screen, and you will find settings iconSettings icon on the top right corner of your screen.

  1. In the settings menu > backup & reset optionBackup and reset icon.Screenshot_20160317-164421
  2. Under backup & reset option > select backup my data. Tap Back up my data to turn it onSwitch on or offSwitch off ( by selecting this you can decide which data you want to store and medium of saving over password or Wi-Fi)Screenshot_20160317-164427

If turned off, existing backups are deleted from Google’s servers.

  1. Next option is backup accountScreenshot_20160317-164433 (you can give the details of your account where you want to store data i.e. Google account, one drive, etc.)Screenshot_20160317-164438
  2. By selecting automatic restore, your data will get restored once you log in to that application from any device. This feature will allow keeping data always available. You can toggle it onSwitch on or offSwitch off by tapping on it.Screenshot_20160317-164433
  • You can also create backup of photos and videos in Google drive so that you do not lose them. Follow the steps given below:
  1. Download Google Photos app from play store if you do not have it on your phone.Screenshot_2016-03-16-19-16-02
  2. Tap on the top left corner on menu iconScreenshot_20160317-173856
  3. Synchronize it with your Google account by clicking on Sign in option and you will be redirected to this page.Screenshot_20160317-173913
  4. Select settingsScreenshot_20160317-173917
  5. Turn onSwitch on backup & sync, this will automatically create backup of your photos and videos.Screenshot_20160317-173926FAQ’s:
  • Is it necessary that we not will lose data after creating backup?

The frequency of losing data is very less. Google stores all the data in is cloud storage that gives assurance that we will not lose the data. If you lose your Google account and forget the password, then you can recover the password. So there are very less chances of losing your data or files.

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