Autonomous Vehicles To Reshape The American Economy: 1 In Every 9 Workers- Jobs To Be Transformed

The Autonomous industry in general, is set to create the biggest revolution the world has ever witnessed. With stats and predictions in its favor every major organization is slowly moving to this side of the technology and is looking to adapt as soon as possible. Period! One of the major highlight of this transformation is the, massive potential to reshape a wide range of occupations held by roughly one in nine American workers, according to a new U.S. government report.

If businesses embrace autonomous vehicles on a large scale, workers in the first category are “more likely to be displaced” from their jobs, while workers in the latter group “may be more likely to benefit from greater productivity and better working conditions,” wrote David Beede, Regina Powers and Cassandra Ingram in the report, released Friday.

Autonomous Vehicles To Reshape The American Economy: 1 In 9 Workers, Jobs To Be Transformed

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