Autoliv develops Driver Monitoring Systems with Seeing Machines

Sweden based automotive safety company, Autoliv is all set to make driver monitoring systems (DMS) which will help in fewer accidents caused due to distractions. For the same purpose, they have joined hands with Australia’s Seeing Machines. A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that in the year 2015, over 3000 people were killed and many left injured in accidents caused by distraction.

The American Automobile Association also issued a report stating that 21% of crashes happen because of sleepy drowsy drivers. Therefore, DMS will chuck out the possibilties of accidents due to distraction. It will keep in track the attention and fatigue level of the driver along with the measurement of eye and head position. Just by this announcement shares of the company rose inexplicably by 1.5%.

Autoliv develops Driver Monitor with Seeing Machines

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