How to update my apps automatically on an iPhone?

Before Apple launched iOS 7, you had to manually update your apps from the app store. With iOS7 and later versions of iOS, it has become easier. Apps will automatically update themselves ( only if you allow them to ). ” How to update my apps automatically on an iPhone? ” We will guide you on this 🙂

Step 1: On your home screen tap on ‘ Settings ‘. Then tap on ‘iTunes & App Store’.

Update my apps automatically on an iPhone

Step 2: After tapping on ‘iTunes & App Store’, you will see automatic download options for Music, Apps, Books & Audiobooks and updates.

To enable auto-update on your phone, tap on the white switch next to ‘Updates’.  Apple also gives you the option to use wi-fi or mobile data when automatically updating apps. If you want to check whether your apps have been updated, tap on ‘App Store’ on your home screen, then tap on the ‘ Update ‘ icon present on the bottom right corner. There you will be able to check which apps have been updated, while you can also manually update or cancel an update of an app.                                                                Update my apps automatically on an iPhone


* What if there is no storage left on my iPhone and my auto-update is on ?
Your phone will not update any apps until there is free space.

* Is using cellular data for auto-updates possible ?                                                                                                      Yes, there is an option to use your cellular data for the updates. But I personally would recommend using wi-fi for the update, as some updates may be very large in size, and using cellular data in that situation would be expensive.

* When I update my apps, will my iPhone become slow & sluggish?

No, an update comes with bug fixes and improvements for the app.

* How to turn off automatic updates?

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Turn off  Update ‘

* My apps not updating. What could be the reasons?

You may not have enough storage on your phone, or your phone may not be connected to the internet.

* When I update my apps, is there a possibility of any Malware getting downloaded?

App updates normally are not malware threats. However you can always be secure by installing anti-malware app on your phone.

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