“Anything Tesla Can Do, We Can Do Better” – Volkswagen, Mercedes

These are perhaps the early stages of the autonomous future or the “Introductory Stage” in the words of an economist. Its pretty certain that, the way of the future is autonomous and a concept beyond that is pretty much in-existent, atleast for now.

At the recently concluded Frankfurt Auto Show, German Automakers; Volkswagen and Daimler Group announced its ambitious new plans to make long-range electric vehicles in a rapidly intensifying competition with Tesla, General Motors, Nissan and other global auto companies. Their timing could be just right after years of tepid industry sales for electric cars.

Volkswagen expects to sell up to 3 million battery-powered cars by 2025, representing about a quarter of its vehicles. Whilst Daimler luxury brand Mercedes-Benz said it would make an electric model of all of its vehicles by 2022.

Mercedes is convinced it can match Tesla battery costs, beat its manufacturing and procurement costs, ramp up production faster and have better quality. It is also confident its cars will drive better.

-Sanford Bernstein analyst Max Warburton

"Anything Tesla Can Do, We Can Do Better" - Volkswagen, Mercedes

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