Top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates

With the boom of the eCommerce industry, online shopping has really taken off exceeding predicted numbers. There are themes and templates available that allow the user to customize his site according to his/her liking in order to make their site more attractive and appealing. Given below is a  list of the top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes.

Top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes

1) DARWIN ( get it HERE )

Darwin is a charmer 🙂  This incredible Angular JS template covers nearly everything you want in the most stylish manner. The entire template is designed to give your store the sleek Social commerce look and feel. The template suite comes with 14 pages ie. nearly all the pages you would need in any ecommerce portal. One other sweet spot which I noticed in this Angular JS ecommerce template is that it is made for both a Single Vendor & a Multi vendor marketplace ie. you can use the required pages to create either a stand alone shopping cart only for your products -or- you can use it to create a full fledged Multi-seller Marketplace like Amazon, Etsy etc. Do check out the DEMO of each page & you will be fascinated with the attention to detail 🙂

The best part is, along with the Angular version, you also get the HTML version for free.

It can be used for any platform like Reaction commerce, Meteor, custom eCommerce portals etc.

Angular js ecommerce template

2) Prime Fusion ( get it HERE )

First on the list of Top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes is Prime Fusion. Prime Fusion claims to be “the world’s first business ready eCommerce platform”. Customized themes is available on Prime Fusion on the ‘Prime’ subscription. According to Forbes Magazine, online shopping has tripled in the past year and is expected to grow by 10 times by 2018, and subsequently the number of sites offering customers a marketing platform has increased. Therefore, selecting the right eCommerce business platform is important.

AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes

  1. Here are the key features on Prime Fusion –
    • Admin Panel – An admin dashboard is provided to allow the admin to manage their users, sellers, products, orders, inventory, revenue and settings of the site. The admin panel is the master control of the site, which is fairly simple to use even for a non-technical person.
    • Seller Dashboard – A dashboard for sellers to keep track of their stock and manage their orders. The dashboard gives quick and easy access to the seller to complete task like shipping, customer service, setting shipping rates and uploading tracking number for the customers.
    • Revenue Management – Once sellers have registered to your site, you can set commission rates. The seller will pay a commission fee to you on each sale.
    • Blog Integration – It is important to maintain public relation when getting into business and a blog is a best way to do that. Admins can create and maintain blogs for users to read and comment on them. Blogging can draw attention to your business.

    The payment structure in order to use Prime Fusion has two options – ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Prime’.

    The ‘Deluxe’ comes at a price of $249 with basic features and expert installation.

    The ‘Prime’ will cost you $2400. It comes with all the basic features as well as a native Android and iOS app. The ‘Prime’ also features themes for your new eCommerce platform.

2) Micro Store

Next on our list of Top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes is microStore available on Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a HTML5 framework which develops mobile apps and site. Bootstrap gives emphasis to styling and has a sister site called WrapBootstrap which has an array of themes and templates to choose from.

The microStore template features a gear icon at the side, which allows the user to change the primary color of the site. The template has a responsive one page design, google fonts and over 300 icons. Slideshows featuring products is also a feature of this template. The price of microStore is $10 for single application, $40 for multiple applications and $500 for the extended version, payable by PayPal.

These themes and templates can help make your site look attractive and interesting. There are a number of other angularJS ecommerce templates and themes available on the WrapBootstrap store. Themes like INSPINIA, UNIFY, BEAGLE and ASAAN are some of the popular templates and themes available on the store. These templates and themes will cost you $12 to $20 on an average. Some of the templates are priced close to $50. Here is a list of the categorys of templates and themes available on WrapBootstrap –

  • Admin & Dashboards
  • Landing pages
  • Business & Corporate
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes & CV
  • E-commerce
  • Blogs & Magazines
  • WordPress


One of the most popular AngularJS eCommerce templates is the ANGULAR. Available on the site ‘’, ANGULAR is a high resolution responsive template which features 5+ unique home pages, contact forms, FAQ forms, shopping cart, payment with Paypal and blog. It is a multipurpose Angular eCommerce template which has a simple and professional look.

The regular license for the ANGULAR will cost you $17. The extended license will cost you $850.

4) Snipcart

Snipcart is a fully customizable JavaScript based shopping cart for any website. There are many customizable options which include the settings for your logo, checkout and shippings. Different colors, custom fields and images options are available all of which give the site a personalized look.

Snipcart features fast integration to save time and money by setting up an online store for the user within a short period of time. Snipcart accept currencies from all over the world making it very convenient for international sales. Customer dashboard feature allows your customers to create a personal profile on your site for shopping purposes. Holds the fourth position in our list of top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes.

5) Smile

Last but not the least on our list of top 5 AngularJS eCommerce templates and themes is Smile. Smile is available on the site ‘themeforest’. It is a premium eCommerce template with five unique home page layouts and a number of functions.

The template features a ‘quick view module’ which allows customers visiting the site quick access to your products and its details. Smile has more than 500 google fonts to choose from, along with numerous icons. A horizontal ‘mega menu’ is also featured which gives an overview of all the products available to the customer. Smile has a setting icon at the side which allows the user to customize the coloring of his page. The user can choose between ‘boxed’ or ‘wide’ view, choose the background color and the color scheme of the site.

The key features of the Smile templates are –

  • Full layered / Editable photoshop files
  • 5 Home layouts, Overview
  • Product listing in grid and list view
  • Multiple color variation
  • Entry pop-ups for customers
  • Blog pages
  • Cart, 2 checkout styles.

The regular license for the Smile template is priced at $17 and the extended license at $850.


What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a Google maintained complete JavaScript based open-sourced front-end web application framework. AngularJS is used to tackle many problems faced while developing single paged applications.

AngularJS design goals include –

  1. To disengage Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation from the application logic.
  2. To decouple the client side of an application from the server side.
  3. To provide a base to build an application.
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