Everything You Need To Know About Android Nougat

The much awaited update from Android is all set to be released later this summer. And what’s the biggest buzz about this update? Android is releasing its all new OS, named Android Nougat also know as Android 7.0!

For those of you all who are not sure what the term “Nougat” means; Wikipedia defines this term as “Nougat is a family of confections made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit. The consistency of nougat is chewy, and it is used in a variety of candy bars and chocolates.

Android Nougat

Well, Google has stuck with its trend of naming its OS after confectionery items with “Nougat” this time, after conducting massive polls on the internet which was open to every individual. On 3oth June, 2016; Google released the beta version of the OS which gave us a more or less clear picture about what the OS is all about.

Given the fact that Android covers a massive 84 percent market share worldwide, we thought we’d take a look at this latest OS version with quality features that range from increasing battery life and memory to extending the user app experience with the multi-window user-interface, direct reply notifications and other features that makes this OS version very exciting for tech gurus to analyse and lay it out for the general good and awareness of the people!

The Origin of the Name

Like stated earlier Google’s romance with confectionery items continues and like always they have made no change to that even this time as well. A well known fact that all the names have been going about in the alphabetical order as well, hence “Nougat” for Android 7.0, which was suggested by fans for the first time – but there were other contenders, too, such as “Nibs”, “Nerds”,“Nutella”,”Neyyappam” etc.

Switching between Apps

Android Nougat has overhauled its Recent applications feature to boost the speed between its app switching.

With the new OS, simply double-tap the Overview button on your Android device; the one next to the Home button to immediately jump to the last app that you were on. Gone are the days where you had to sift through a stack of screens to search and open the last app you were using.

Instead of swiping off each app to close it one by one, Android Nougat has a dedicated special button will let you clear all of your open apps with one tap on the “Clear All” button. Just like clearing all the messages on the notifications bar with one tap. Any application that hasn’t been used in a long while will not show up in your stacks and will be automatically closed, which reduces the clutter on your device.

Multi Window Feature

The main attraction about the Android Nougat is this Multi Window Feature on the device. Android Nougat can function in a multi-window mode, which could be a boon for productivity-seeking and multitasking users, as it lets you access and run two different apps; at the same time – on the same screen.

When you have an app open and you want another to function at the same time, press the “Overview” button and launch into “Multi-window” mode. You’ll see a list of the recent apps to select from for your second window. You can move the divider to adjust the size of the screens for each app. Android Nougat will support a free-form mode on any device, if enabled by the device manufacturer, enabling you to customize the size your app window to suit your needs.

Direct Reply

Android Nougat helps you to get more done in less time. The “Direct Reply” feature is something that apps like “WhatsApp” have adopted in recent times as well. It lets you respond to incoming messages directly from your notifications tab. In simple words, you don’t have to open your messaging app to reply.
The major advantage of this feature is that, it saves you lot of time and also avoids the hassle of entering the app every time you want to reply to the sender. More changes are to be made before the final launch of the the OS; with respect to its User Experience, as Google wants to stick by its policy of simplify things for its users.

Extended Battery Life
There’s nothing worse than not being to able to use your smartphone in the most crucial of the situations because your phone has run out of its battery life. Thankfully, Google says it has optimized the battery life for Android Nougat-powered devices.

How they have achieved this life changing feat is by optimizing it in three different ways:

-Reducing background activity for open apps and services
-Enhancing the “Doze” low-power mode to be used even when you’re on the go
-Optimizing performance to make background memory processes less pressurizing on the phone’s processor

Lets hope these modifications actually make a difference to the battery lives of our Nougat powered smartphones!

Third Party Applications

Something new in the bag is that, third-party apps running on Nougat will be able to offer their own Quick Settings tiles, which you can add using this interface. For instance, tap on your battery to see how much battery percentage is left before it needs charging, while a tap and hold may show you what apps are draining away your battery.

The Settings app has also been updated to show you more relevant info in fewer taps.

As the final launch date approaches, we’ll have more significant information about the OS and performance reviews live. We’ll keep our post updated up until then with every little stock that we get now and then. Keep coming back and refresh this page to get answers to all your queries regarding the all new Android Nougat!

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