How to add money to your Uber wallet?

Simple, easy and efficient way of getting our cab services all aligned is because of the payments that we are able to make so easily and effortlessly.

How to add Payment Method?

  • Go to three parallel lines in the left most corner:menu and then go to Payment
  • When you do that, you will see the option of ADD PAYMENT
  • You can add any method. You can select By cash, add your debit card details or your credit card details.

By Cash:

  • Go to Uber app and choose to ride
  • When you enter pickup location and your car go to Payments method
  • Under the Payment section select “CASH”
  • When the trip ends, you have to pay cash to the cab driver directly.

By Credit/Debit Card:

  • If you decide by paying through your cards. Go to Payment method
  • When you go to that icon, then tap on ADD PAYMENT
  • Once you do that you can either scan your card or you can manually input the card details.
  • When you have entered the details you can choose the same card and make your payments. Details like Card number, CVV and expiry Date has to be input.
  • You can add any number of cards and choose one of them as the primary card for making payments happen.

What is best? Pay using Ola Money / UBER wallet or Pay with Cash?

There is no right or wrong in such situation. But invariably the best mode to be chosen for the payment is Ola Money/Uber Wallet. Why so?

  • The payment has already been done, you save yourself time and the frustration of getting small change.
  • The driver won’t hassle you for not paying the exact amount.
  • When the payment is already done, he won’t bother you by taking long routes and thus charging you for the same.
  • This can be adverse too! When the payment has already been done, the drivers may tend to not provide the desired services and hamper you destination and drop.

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