How to Add a Credit Card in UBER App?

Booking rides with Uber is quite easy. You can make your tasks happen with ease and you can also let the payments happen online that in a way helps in easing out the task for payments.

You can save a lot of effort by adding your cards to the Uber Wallet and make the payments happen.

How to add Credit Card to your Uber wallet?

Step 1: Open up Uber app

Step 2: Click on the three parallel lines on the left most corner and click on the Payment option.

Step 3: Tap on add payment method. And it will ask Debit/Credit card.

Step 4: Select credit card and fill in the card details. From card number to expiration date to CVV.

Step 5: Once done, save the information and you can make direct payments by selecting it.

If you face an error in payment, it might be because of wrong input of card number or CVV. So, look into that!

Want to edit the details? Click on the edit icon above the card details and fill in the details the way you want.

Sometimes you may not be able to add a credit card, then simply delete the existing credit card and add it again.

What is best? Pay using Ola Money / UBER wallet or Pay with Cash?

There is no right or wrong in such situation. But invariably the best mode to be chosen for the payment is Ola Money/Uber Wallet. Why so?

  • The payment has already been done, you save yourself time and the frustration of getting small change.
  • The driver won’t hassle you for not paying the exact amount.
  • When the payment is already done, he won’t bother you by taking long routes and thus charging you for the same.
  • This can be adverse too! When the payment has already been done, the drivers may tend to not provide the desired services and hamper you destination and drop.

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