Top 5 2016 Rio Olympics apps

As the Rio Olympics 2016 begin on 5th August, I’m sure many of you feel confused with so many events going on. Here are 5 2016 Rio Olympics apps that will guide you through this 16 day sports extravaganza!

1. Rio 2016

( IOS app HERE, Android app HERE )

The official app for this year’s Olympic Games, Rio 2016 has it all.

2016 Rio Olympics apps

App Features:

  • To begin with, it doesn’t matter if you are in Rio or back at home, this app provides the game schedules in your preferred timezone. So you could choose between Rio Time and your Location Time.
  • Next, it has options for Auto Refresh. You could choose from duration’s Every 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 15 seconds. There is also an option where you could manually refresh your app.
  • You get to choose one Favorite Country. You will be notified the Medal count for this country in the app.
  • You also can choose 3 Favorite Sports. You will get notifications about every event in those sports and also get result notifications.

Apart from these special features, the general portal contains 3 tabs. One shows the Medal count of your Favorite Country. The central tab keeps you updated with the current events and games. The third tab is for the trending Olympics related news and photos.

The app also has guides to all the game venues and maps for the city of Rio (under Venues & Maps). You could browse through the other Team and Sport details. You even have the option of selecting your favorite athletes so that you don’t miss any of their action!

Overall, I find this app very helpful. It almost has everything a person needs to be guided through the Olympics. It is very popular among users but one of its drawback is that it only lets your choose 3 Favorite Sports and provides notifications for those 3. For sports enthusiasts, this is a very low number.

You may download Rio 2016 from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. The Olympics

( IOS App HERE, Android App HERE )

Unlike Rio 2016, this app is not solely dedicated to this year’s Olympics. It is the official app for the Olympic franchise. It holds complete information about the past, present and even the future Olympics. You could see photos, videos, news about every event in each Olympics.

2016 Rio Olympics apps

App Features:

  • It primarily keeps you updated about Rio Olympics, with a continuous News Feed right at the brim of the app. Every press conference, events, sessions, its all there.
  • There is also a Live Feed option, which telecasts any of the on-going events, LIVE.
  • The app also has some Featured Stories about the sports being played this year.
  • It has a photo Gallery which is a visual treat and brings out the essence of celebration.
  • There are also some Featured Athletes at the bottom. In this section, you will find everything you want to know about your favorite athletes.

Apart from all this, it contains the general tabs showcasing the following:

  • Sports
  • Athletes
  • Countries
  • Results
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • News

Added to this, the app provides a virtual tour through the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and an online Shop to buy goodies and Merchandise.

It is a fairly good app with social media sync enabled, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the action! According to users, it is nothing different from the Olympic Games Official Website and that the app has the potential of being much more efficient.

The Olympics is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

3. NBC Olympics

( get it HERE )

Developed by NBC Universal Media, NBC Olympics app brings to your fingertips all the latest news, highlights and results straight from the Rio Olympics.

2016 Rio Olympics apps

App Features:

  • Live streaming and highlights of every game of the day.
  • Medal tally of each country and their rankings worldwide.
  • Interviews and Press Conferences related to Rio Olympics 2016.
  • Special Team USA tab that keeps the audience updated with their country’s glorious victories.
  • Push Notifications can be enabled for different events.
  • Results may be sorted into Day and Sports.
  • It has athlete bios, Q&As, etc.

The only major drawback of this app is that its working is limited to USA and its territories.

NBC Olympics is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

4. BBC Sport

( IOS App HERE, Android App HERE )

The official BBC Sport app brings to you latest sports action from around the world. It is not dedicated completely to Rio Olympics, but serves sports news from everywhere. Although, the updated version consists a portal for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

2016 Rio Olympics apps

App Features:

  • You can have a personalized page “My Sport” and get updates for your selected field.
  • There are articles, photos, videos, live scores, commentaries, etc. Anything you need about the Rio Olympics is presented to you immediately.
  • In case you want to make yourself aware of other sporting tournaments, you are free to get notifications from those sports as well.
  • It offers a Live Guide option which displays the LIVE feeds of matches going on. And also the upcoming matches.
  • You may create an account and access your preferred sports from other platforms as well.
  • Share stories with your friends and followers on social media.

This universal sports app works great with its users. Personally, I found it very informative and reliable. The Rio Olympics section is doing the best it can. That being said, I would still prefer the first 3 apps if I want something that is completely indulged in Rio Olympics news updates.

BBC Sport is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


( IOS App HERE, Android App HERE )

Similar to BBC Sport, ESPN too is an universal sports app. It is ranked the #1 sports app in the market. In addition to all the sports activities, you also get to listen to ESPN Radio stations, ESPN podcasts and more.

2016 Rio Olympics apps

App Features:

  • You get to choose your favorite leagues, right at the beginning of setup which includes Rio 2016.
  • Next you choose your favorite teams. You may select one(or more) for every league or overall.
  • To save your favorites, you will have to log in.
  • The updates here are sorted according to your favorite teams and leagues.

Again, this app does not only cover the Rio Olympics, but gets you sports news from around the world. Versatile as it is, the added radio feature makes it different from its contemporaries.

ESPN is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Hope you can choose the best app among the list of this 2016 Rio Olympics apps. Happy Rio Olympics everyone! 🙂

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