Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion

In this post lets do a crisp comparison between the 3 eCommerce platforms ( ie. Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion ) & check out the Pros’ & Con’s of each platform.

Reaction Commerce ( Click HERE ):

Reaction Commerce is a Los Angeles based open source eCommerce platform. The platform focuses on creating a Technological shift in the eCommerce sector, by focusing on building a solution based on the latest Javascript server side & front end technologies. The main reason for the technological shift is that Php as a server side language is prone to a lot many performance issues. Existing popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, Woocommerce etc. are based on Php, MySQL and have become obsolete software. Lets look into the Pro’s and Con’s Reaction Commerce:

Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion


  • Javascript based Node JS eCommerce platform, makes your eCommerce website fast & light weight.
  • Open Source & free to download.
  • Javascript based front end gives a stunning experience for users.
  • Its Reactive, real-time & command line ready.
  • Sleek and responsive. Fits on any screen resolution.
  • Comes with a couple of Apps integrated already.


  • Since its open source, there is not much support.
  • Relatively new, so not much plugins or themes present. All still seems to be in development.
  • The developer community is still not formed.
  • Its built using MeteorJS, which is a framework on top of the MEAN stack. This makes it tough to get developers who know MeteorJS.

Prime Fusion ( Click HERE ):

Prime Fusion is again an Open Source Node JS based eCommerce platform. It is built on MEAN Stack. The folks behind Prime Fusion chose to go with pure MEAN stack as they wanted to replace the traditional Php Based eCommerce solutions like Magento, WooCommerce etc. Unlike Reaction Commerce, Prime Fusion is focused mainly on end customers than developers. Called ” Worlds first Business ready eCommerce platform”, Prime Fusion seems to analyze all the real-time issues eCommerce owners face & the entire solution is built around this concept.Lets take a look at the Pro’s & Con’s for this platform.

Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion


  • Based purely on MEAN Stack & does on depend on any other architectures. This makes it easy for any MEAN stack developer to take it up and start playing around with it instantly.
  • Open Source and Free.
  • Business focused. The platform gives more focus on essential features & road map that is a real pain for eCommerce site owners.
  • Fast & Light weight.
  • Comes with Android & iOS apps.
  • Has many Apps integrated already. Comes with some sleek templates.


  • Relatively new in the market. So there is not much of community effect still.
  • Not much Plugins & Themes as present for Magento & Woocommerce.

Magento ( Click HERE ):

Magento is one of the famous Php based Open source eCommerce platforms. The Software was developed in 2008 by Varien Inc. Magento has gone through various versions through the years & built a big community around itself. One of the Php competitors for the Magento framework is Woocommerce by WordPress. In the comparison of Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion, Magento is the only Php based solution.

Ok, lets look at the Pro’s and Con’s of this Php eCommerce Platform,

Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion


  • One of the oldest eCommerce platforms.
  • Has a good community of developers who contribute to the platform.
  • Has ample plugins and templates in its marketplace.


  • The entire framework is based on the age old Php / MySQL technology.
  • Bulky and slow, as PHP as a server side programming language is prone to scalability issues & poor performance on concurrent transactions.
  • Complex to handle, as Magento has its own framework built on Php. Since the software has been through ages, there are lot many features and code dumped & gives a old and obsolete software feel.
  • Can be only customized by Php developers who are experienced on the Magento framework, which makes maintenance a headache and costly.

In a comparing Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion, following are the takeaways:

  • If you compare Reaction commerce Vs Magento, you can give a shot to Reaction Commerce as you get a latest Javascript based eCommerce platform ( which can make your site look sleek and load lightening fast ). But the downside is you dont get much of features when compared to Magento.
  • If you compare Reaction commerce Vs Prime Fusion, take a shot at Prime Fusion as they have more of a business focused approach. And they come with all the essential features and Mobile apps as well.
  • In a comparison between Reaction commerce Vs Magento Vs Prime Fusion, go with Magento only if you would like use the various plugins and themes developed by the huge community.

8.9 out of 10
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