How to turn off Notifications for Apps in iphone

Apple's Notification Center uses a combination of banners, pop-ups, badges, sounds and vibrations to alert the iPhone user of any new message or reminders, so that he/she does not miss out on anything. However, there may be Apps which constantly notify you with unnecessary alert and this can be annoying. Apple allows you to customize your notification setting Continue Reading →

How to restore contacts from iCloud to iPhone

iCloud is a feature available to Apple users where a user can save his/her photos, contacts, mails, reminders, notes and calendar. If you've already saved your contacts on iCloud you need not be worried about losing your contacts, in case you lose your phone. The restore process is very simple. In this article lets look into how to restore contacts from iCloud Continue Reading →

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC ?

The beauty of photography is it's ability to make a moment immortal. Photos and videos have become an intimate part of our lives. With the popularity of social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter booming, photography has gained the worldwide popularity it deserves. And if you are a devoted Apple user you would have realized by now that there Continue Reading →

How to create WiFi iPhone hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot converts your iPhone into a personal wifi broadcast module allowing you to share your cellular data with other devices ie. You can share your internet with others. Turning your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot is very easy. We'll guide you through how to create WiFi iPhone hotspot  🙂 Step 1: On your home screen, tap on 'Settings'.  Then tap Continue Reading →