How to free up space on iPhone & monitor disk usage.

When I first got an iPhone, I was thrilled to be using one. I thought about all the applications I would use and all the games I would play, and at this moment I don't regret buying an iPhone. I only regret not buying a 32 GB or 64 GB iPhone. My 16 GB iPhone only gave a mere 12 GB of free space as the internal software and pre-installed applications occupied Continue Reading →

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

There are more than one ways to the question on How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Here are some ways you could do it. 1. Sharing contacts This method comes handy when you want to share a few contacts to another iPhone user. Step 1: On the home screen, tap the Phone icon on the bottom left corner. Navigate to All Contacts. Step 2: Search for Continue Reading →

How to receive WhatsApp notifications on lock screen in iPhone

Want to have a hustle-free access to the WhatsApp chats? Here's how you could get notifications right on the lock screen on iPhone, saving you some time to open the app every time. Step 1: Go to Settings from the home screen. Step 2: Navigate to Notifications > WhatsApp Step 3: Once you turn on the Allow Notifications tab, you will find Continue Reading →